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Get started with blockchain services

Partner with Cegeka distributed ledger technology services to closely explore the potential of blockchain in your workflow.

1. Workshop 

We offer a workshop to understand blockchain. We explain blockchain on a conceptual and technical level and answer any questions you have. Use cases are presented to explain how blockchain impacts your industry. These can be suggested by you or by us. Each workshop ends with a brainstorm about possible applications of blockchain.

In preparation of the workshop, a reader is composed for your team that details the blockchain foundations and use cases. This workshop is tailored for a maximum of 10 people.

2. Experiment

A workshop about blockchain is the first step in our blockchain technology adoption approach. When your organization wants to move forward, we will define a Proof of Concept with a clear business goal. The PoC will validate that blockchain technology delivers the unique advantage needed to realize the set business goal . While the development of a PoC is seen as an experiment, we always deliver a working application that can be used by your organization for demonstration and evaluation purposes.

3. Implementation

When the PoC meets expectations, we can help you to develop the PoC into a production-ready application. Cegeka has over 1,500 experienced Agile software developers ready to meet all your development needs.

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