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It’s impossible today to make a big impact on customers solely through your product or solution. The challenge lies in staying relevant to your customers and ensuring that your brand generates novel, positive experiences for them, seamlessly across all touch points and communication channels.

Why Cegeka?


Large-scale complex integration projects are our core business. Our agile software factory with over 600 staff enables us to work agile and deliver results fast.


We go for short time-to-market. Our agile methodology allows us to deliver the exact solutions you need, while you benefit from new insights along the (agile) way.


Your customers expect you to give them top notch service and a consistent experience along all your touchpoints. We help you develop a customer-centric omnichannel strategy.


Your business knowhow and our expertise combined is the key for the best result. By listening closely to your needs, we are able to give you the results you - and your customers - need.

Creating a context for the ultimate customer experience

we think with you - Cegeka

1. We THINK with you

  • Digital strategy
  • Visual concept
  • Definition requirements
  • Create your project roadmap

We help build your roadmap - Cegeka

2. We help BUILD your roadmap

  • Agile implementation
  • Interaction design
  • Content creation
  • Launch plan

24/7 help desk - cegeka

3. And then we RUN with it

  • 24/7 help desk
  • Analysis of metrics
  • Campaign management
  • Innovation workshops
  • Always on

E-book: Omnichannel Maturity 

Omnichannel maturity - State of the industry

Cegeka has conducted a study, in collaboration with Ghent University to map out where the Belgian companies are in the evolution of working single-, multi- to omnichannel.

Find out how to use the omni-channel approach to give your users a whole new level of experience (in Dutch).

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E-book omnichannel marketing - cegeka

Cegeka’s Digital Maturity Model: how mature is your business?

  • Digital strategy

    Do you have a strategy? Does it cross channels? Does your company know about and use it?

  • People & processes

    Is your company able to work as a single unit to make the customer experience as smooth as possible?

  • Data & metrics

    How do you collect data across all channels and use it to drive your policies and communication? 

  • Conversation

    Do you know where your customers are, and do you maintain personal conversations with them?

  • Tools & technology

    Do you have the tools and technology available to achieve your short and long term goals?

  • Digital assessment

    We can perform a digital assessment of your company, providing an expert view of your digital maturity and suggest value-adding improvements. Contact us


Omnichannel communication- cegeka

cedric buccilli

Cedric Buccilli - senior IT architect, Brussel airlines

“We only managed to meet our tight deadline thanks to Cegeka’s agile approach. The project was completed on time and on budget, and it was launched very smoothly”

Omni-channel communication: 3 milestones

  • Starter: single-channel

    • No strategy
    • Little product-focused interaction
    • Website is the primary channel
    • No central data repository

  • Intermediate: multichannel

    • One strategy per channel
    • One channel per conversation
    • Single-channel data analysis
    • No channel integration

  • Expert: omni-channel

    • Customer experience center
    • Cross-functional teams in conversation across channels
    • Customer data center
    • Integrated systems

Muriel Van Craenenbroeck talks about Omnichannel Maturity

Muriel Van Craenenbroeck

How Cegeka transforms your digital strategy

  • Digital strategy

    We help you develop a digital strategy to use your online assets to meet your customers’ unmet needs

  • kpi driven optimization

    We measure and optimize by connecting data sources and creating value-driven dashboards based on your KPIs.

  • digital expertise & tools

    If it’s digital – we’ve got the expertise! The sky’s the limit, from Sitecore Umbraco, dotnetnuke and Drupal to Microsoft CRM.

  • mobile app development

    Mobile is no longer an option – it is a key business enabler. We craft premium apps on all mobile platforms.

  • content strategy

    Engage with your users with relevant content. We’ll help you come up with a customer journey plan that leads to conversion.

  • no worries sla

    Keep your tech future-proof with our no worries SLA. We’ll support you every step of the way, in every way.


There are a total of 14 marketing communication channels


of the customer journey is influenced by digital channels


Companies use an average of 8.6 channels in their marketing approaches.


48% of Belgian companies don’t know where their customers are active online.


of companies use all 14 communication channels.