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In order to take full advantage of the Talk2CRM application features and allow Geka, the voice assistant, to better understand what you are saying, we suggest you to be as clear as possible in the pronunciation and in case of complex words to spell them as good as possible.

When using the application, you will be asked to answer questions from Geka. Geka will first ask for the name of the CRM table on which a new row is to be inserted, then it will ask to indicate a value for each field in the table. There won't be a question for all fields, of course, but only for the most significant ones.

When Geka asks you a question just answer and then remain silent. After about a second, you will hear a "beep" indicating that Geka has understood your answer.

If you do not know how to answer a specific question, you can get help by simply saying "Help".

If Geka cannot hear what you are saying, it will suggest that you turn up the microphone volume, raise your voice or move to a quieter room.

If, on the other hand, Geka cannot understand the meaning of your answer, it will let you know by giving you some more precise instructions (e.g. "You must say an integer number").

If Geka cannot understand your sentence three times in a row, you will be shown the help screen with detailed instructions on how to continue.

At any time you can decide to cancel your entry by answering "Cancel", "Cancel all" to any of Geka's questions.

Please note that some of the fields you will be asked to fill in are not mandatory. In this case you can answer by saying "Leave blank" or “Leave null”.

Depending on the type of field you are asked for, you should be able to answer by saying a number, or a date, or a monetary amount, or other types of data. Below are some tips on how to pronounce certain types of data correctly.

This value should be expressed by spelling out the digits one at a time, for example:
One two three four five six seven eight nine zero
You can prefix the "+44" in the following way:
Plus four four one two three four five six seven eight nine zero

The postcode must have five digits to be valid and you must specify the number individually one at a time, for example:
Two zero zero nine three

You have to pronounce an e-mail address by specifying "at", for example:
john dot london at cegeka dot com

You must pronounce only the date without the time. In addition, you can specify an absolute or relative date. The absolute date must be specified in the format DAY MONTH YEAR while for the relative date you can just say something like: "Four days ago".
If an absolute date is used, the month must be expressed by name, for example: "November" and not "11". Here are some examples:

  • November fifth twenty twenty
  • February second nineteen fifty-three
  • In three days
  • Ten days ago
  • Two years ago

It must be between -100000000 and 100000000. If you want to indicate a decimal number, the decimal point must be expressed as "Point". In addition, the digits following the decimal point must be spelled out one at a time, for example:

  • Thirty-five point four seven
  • Minus sixty-five point zero one

When you are asked for an existing account name you can specify the full name. However, it may happen that you forget the full name, in which case you can even pronounce part of the name. Geka will then show you the first five names that contain the pronounced word.
When Geka shows you and reads the list, simply say the line number or pronounce the full name to select the desired name.


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