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Many of our customers visit Cegeka’s Software Factory in Leuven to get inspiration and insight in how we work completely agile with the business people of our customers.

The visit itself will be set up in an agile way, starting with high level expectations capturing. Following will be a guided tour to the Cegeka development teams on the floor, with an opportunity to talk to the team members about how they apply the agile principles every day. At the end there is time to ask all your remaining questions

What will you take away

  • You get further understanding of the agile principles and their benefits
  • You can talk to the people on how the teams work together with their customers (the business), so that they build the right thing.
  • You get ideas about how you start a transformation to agile practices in your development teams
  • You will get to know different tools that we use to support our agile way of working
  • You get new ideas on how to create a learning organisation