Latexco: Microsoft Dynamics ERP als succesvol antwoord op de veranderende marktvraag


  • Supply Chain transparantie
  • Inzicht in ATP / CTP
  • Multi-Site / Intercompany Supply Chain
  • Hogere standaard in Operational Excellence
  • Geoptimaliseerde productiecapaciteit op Multi-Site niveau


  • Verhoogd niveau Customer service
  • Efficiëntere administratie 
  • Geïntegreerde operationele en financiële rapportage
  • Sterkere samenwerking tussen internationale vestigingen

Latexco, with headquarters in Tielt and branches in the United States, South America and Asia, is the world market leader in components for the bedding industry such as pocket springs and latex. It is a family business that has existed for 60 years with approximately 600 employees. In order to adequately respond to the ever-changing market demand, optimize their processes and to streamline financial reporting, Latexco chose Microsoft Dynamics ERP in combination with Adexa for planning purposes.


Customer case CBS_Latexco


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