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Taking your first steps in the business world is both exciting and intimidating, especially in the tech world. We are convinced that young women, such as yourself, can use some extra support to enter and flourish in the tech industry. That's why we have decided to organize the fourth edition of the Young Potential Boostcamp, a unique and free project for female young potentials.

We are looking for mentors (male and female senior managers) and mentees (women aged between 24 and 30) who would like to join this boostcamp.

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The mentors are men and women who currently hold the role of senior manager and who have thus completed several management roles in their career.

Ready to share your experience and insights? Here’s what we expect from our mentors:

  • Attending the kick-off event in Brussels on October 13, 2022, from 15:00 to 20:00 at Microsoft where you will meet and be matched with your young potential(s)
  • Inspiration days: welcoming your young potential(s) in your company for one or two days so that they can shadow you at work
  • Guidance sessions: monthly meetings with your young potential(s), virtually or face-to-face, to discuss her (their) career
  • Attending the digital closing event on February 7, 2023, to thank you for participating in this initiative.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Join this program as a mentee

Taking the first steps in one’s career is often both exciting and intimidating. We are convinced that young people, and especially women, can use some extra support to enter and flourish in the tech industry. That’s why we have decided to relaunch the Young Potential Boostcamp, a unique project for female young potentials. ​

This mentorship program will help you clarify professional and personal objectives, will give you the opportunity to think and talk about technology with a professional. You’ll develop and strengthen your self-confidence and leadership ability, expand your network of contacts and accelerate your development.​


What to expect


Sitting together with leading figures from top companies, you’ll exchange views on building a technology career, and on the effect digital technologies will have on the workplace. We’ll be inviting inspiring keynote speakers.

Inspiration days

It’s an exceptional opportunity to look over your mentor’s shoulder at work. For one or two days you’ll have the chance to observe, listen, question and observe as much as you can.


Guidance Sessions

Once a month, you’ll meet with your mentor, virtually or face-to-face. The two of you will talk about your career - where you are now and where you’re headed.


Closing event

When the mentorship program concludes in February 2023, all participants will be invited to a festive closing event. You’ll receive your young potentials certification from Ingrid Gonnissen.


Are you ​...
a young woman up to 30 of age,​
a final-year student or career starter,
someone with a passion for technology and​
living in Belgium?​

Then enter the - free of charge - Young Potential Boostcamp to help you kickstart your career.​ A maximum of 50 young potentials will be selected to participate in the boostcamp, based on the answers submitted in the registration form.​


Subscribe as a mentee before September 15th 2022


You will be notified during the month of September whether you have been selected.​ Subsequently, all the selected Young Potentials will be invited to the kick-off event on the 13th of October in Brussels. Save the date!


Fourth edition organized by Microsoft, Cegeka and Colruyt Group IT

For this fourth edition, Kristel Demotte (ICT Woman of the Year 2022, Global VP Data Solutions) from Cegeka, Bélise Songa (Young ICT Lady of the Year 2022, Team Manager) from Colruyt Group IT and Marijke Schroos (Public Sector Sr. Director) from Microsoft are joining forces with Ingrid Gonnissen (ICT Woman of the Year 2018, photo on the left) to help some 50 young women kick-start their careers.

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