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Dare to outsource

‘Dare to outsource’ is a manual for CIOs who are looking for guidance, space and tranquillity in today’s digital world. The book tries to give a clear answer to the many questions CIOs are faced with nowadays.

  • How do I create more bandwidth for innovation as a CIO?
  • How can we get the IT department to deliver business value?
  • Why is outsourcing an essential step for modern CIOs?
  • What are the pitfalls, tips & tricks, and ‘best practices’?
  • Which trends will determine the IT landscape?
  • How can I truly make a difference as CIO?


About the author

Zander Colaers - COO Infrastructure Cegeka

Zander Colaers is COO Infrastructure Divisions at the Cegeka Group. He has experience with starting up divisions from scratch, supporting integration and restructuring processes, and is one of the driving forces behind growth of Cegeka’s outsourcing division. Would you like to contact Zander or invite him as a guest speaker on the topic of outsourcing?

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