Transavia is outsourcing its entire ICT infrastructure to ICT services provider Cegeka. The two parties have signed a contract that sees Cegeka taking over the responsibility of the ICT infrastructure and technical application management of the airline. Earlier this year, Transavia outsourced the design and management of the workplace to Cegeka.

The ICT infrastructure is housed in a hybrid cloud environment of Cegeka, consisting of a private cloud and a shared cloud, combined with public cloud services. In addition, Cegeka is also responsible for the technical management of the more than a hundred applications that Transavia works with.

The contract was put out to tender according to the Best Value Procurement (BVP) procurement method. To do this, Transavia used the services of KWD Result Management. Transavia informed the suppliers about the scope of the project, six business objectives and the maximum cost. The suppliers were asked for a proposal that achieves optimal results with minimal resources.

The main requirements of Transavia were guaranteeing continuity (24x7), achieving an annual reduction in operational costs and acting as a partner in the digital transformation that Transavia will implement in the coming years.

Michel van Hout, CIO Transavia: "Best Value Procurement forced us to describe very clearly what we need, without saying how this should be achieved. It is hard to let go of the latter, because you obviously have ideas in your head. But by leaving everything about the 'how' up to the supplier, Cegeka came up with things that we ourselves would never have thought of. This outcome is better and more appealing for both parties."

Jan Willem van den Bos, commercial director of Cegeka, says: "By choosing BVP as the procurement method, Transavia ensured our collaboration would be innovative. After all, we ourselves also need to innovate to achieve the agreed cost reductions, without compromising the continuity of the services. The type of contract gives us plenty of room to do this. Transavia challenges us to constantly think of ever smarter solutions. It is really pleasant to work with such a forward-looking company."

Michel Van Hout adds: "For us, this outsourcing is a strategic choice that has a lot depending on it. Cegeka has shown a good understanding of this by designing a solution that is of our time and simultaneously based on proven technology." He also emphasizes the cultural fit between the two companies: "We are both flexible and goal-oriented. We are on the same wavelength and we communicate easily."