Cegeka is more than an IT company, not only dedicated to developing Software and Infrastructure solutions for clients all around the world but to grow a strong community and we will do this by organizing tech boot camps. Beginning with 2004, Cegeka also offers nearshoring and Agile coaching services and can say we are pioneers at what we do.

This year though, in Cegeka we will focus not only on business but also on engaging in a strong, long-term relationship with students, youngsters, the next generation that will revolutionize the tech world. Therefore, we are organizing a C# boot camp this summer.

Our Trainer 

During the C# boot camp, students will have the chance to learn from our best Bogdan Iancu. Bogdan Iancu has an experience of over 14 years in the programming field, the last 7 being spent as a developer for large corporations like TUI, Gameloft, and Cegeka. Bogdan attended the Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, starting from 2007, obtaining here his bachelor’s degree, his master’s degree and lastly, his Ph.D. degree in the Economic Informatics field in 2016.  

Drove by a passion for teaching people new skills, discovered in the first year of Ph.D. studies, he worked with over 1.500 students, playing an important role in their future careers. He launched the video tutorials website facemsoft.ro in 2013, to make his laboratories available online for all the students, anytime, anywhere.