Join us to be part of the Global Day of Coderetreat!

This event is a great opportunity to practice coding without worrying about clients and deadlines. You only get to learn new things, experiment interesting ideas, practice TDD and clean code and have fun. All of this in sync with the rest of the world!


November 18th, 2017

Starting early in the morning, at 8:30, with coffee and snacks and finishing in the afternoon, around 17:00.


Cegeka Romania HQ, Ion Mihalache Boulevard 15-17.


To learn new things, practice pair programming and TDD and try to solve again the classic problem Game of Life, the best and clean way this time.

 What is a Coderetreat?

We try to keep it DRY so please check this link for more details:

 What to bring?

A laptop with your favorite development environment already set up. You should be able to build and run a console application and some unit tests. If you do not have a laptop, don't worry! We can provide one, just mention that in the registration form.

More questions?

Please email them to us: