The world of IT is mostly about cold, hard facts and figures. These, of course, are crucial. But we want to make a difference: with our human approach, our empathy with customers’ business pains, and our commitment to make a tangible difference.

In the tough world of IT, Cegeka is a unique blend of level-headed pragmatism and genuine commitment. We go for ‘hard’ results, but we take a human approach. At Cegeka we believe that ‘soft’ skills like empathy, flexibility and the ability to listen are just as important as knowledge and expertise.

This summer we focus on engaging in strong, long-term relationship with students by organizing summer bootcamps and give you the opportunity to experiment our unique way on how we approach things.

 During the NAV Bootcamp, you will learn how to develop using the C/AL programming language, the language used to develop in Microsoft NAV, how to test using different tools, how to debug and use different design patterns. You will also learn about ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) functionalities and business processes as to how they are implemented in software solution. All this using the Agile/SCRUM methodologies and XP practices, like pair programming. Our team is young, fresh and we want to share our knowledge with you!

 Join us!