Because we have over 11 years of successful practice with the Agile methodology in our Software Factory, we believe it’s time for us to share this knowledge and inspire others, as well.. How will we do this? By making an open invitation to visit our Software Factory in Bucharest, to see live how our teams work and why they are so good at what they do.

 Road Map

The visit itself will be set up in an Agile way, starting with a kanban board mapping of your expectations. This way, you will get a real feel of our everyday workflow and we have the opportunity to live up to your beliefs.

 We will start with a brief introduction and we will gather your initial expectations and then we will follow with a guided tour to meet the Cegeka development teams on the floor, with the opportunity to talk to the team members about how they apply the Agile principles in their everyday tasks.

We will close with a Q&A session, so you will have the opportunity to receive all the answers to your questions and to revisit the expectations board and provide us with your feedback (every Sprint should have a Retro, after all).

Reasons to do it

  • Get further understanding of the Agile principles and the benefits of implementing this methodology
  • Have the opportunity to discuss directly with our operational teams
  • Start visualizing how you can start an Agile transformation in your organization, in your own development teams
  • Get to know different tool supporting the Agile way of working