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Cegeka Academy is the starting point in building a career in Software Development thus entering the IT industry. We are a top development center that offers complete and customized learning solutions for future top developers.

We focus on creating a strong, long term relationship with the next generation of students that will shape and revolutionise the world.

Our objectives

Cegeka Academy offers a unique blend of pragmatism and  genuine commitment.                                                                                                                                                                                  We go for hard results, but we have a human approach.

What makes us unique is the successful blend of programming and code writing with applicable Agile methodology, team work, communication, and empathy.

Spontaneous application

JAVA Boot Camp

What you will learn

  • spring

  • docker

  • gradle

  • design patterns

  • java 8 specifics

  • messaging (kafka, MQ)

  • databases

  • agile & xp practices

  • git

  • reactjs

The Bootcamps are accelerated and intensive programs meant to provide a solid background in the IT industry.

C # Boot Camp

What you will learn

  • design patterns

  • clean code

  • oop with C#

  • web (asp.NET web api)

  • tfs

  • linq

We are keen on helping youngsters enter the IT industry, by offering them modern learning conditions and helping them develop technical and soft skills. 
If you are interested in our C# Boot Camp program, contact us anytime.

Microsoft Navision Boot Camp

  • Introduction to microsoft Dynamics nav 2017 & development

  • environment

  • nav 2017 & Dynamics 365

  • testing, debugging, monitoring & tunning

  • introduction to c/ai programming

  • object designer

  • bulit-in functions & custom functions

  • application design

  • interfacing  (file handling, web services)

Are you interested in our projects?

We are looking for students who are not satisfied with just "any solution will do".
If you are interested in our NAV Boot Camp, contact us anytime.