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Traditional software development methods no longer keep up with the demands of innovation today. Enter agile, a lean, flexible, collaborative development methodology that keeps projects on-budget, on-track and producing optimal results. Cegeka offers training and coaching in agile methodology to businesses that are ready to take their software projects to the next level.

The agile approach to project management

  • Faster time to market

    Agile development makes it possible to market your product faster than ever before, as lead time and number of man-days are defined in advance.

  • on-budget projects

    Avoid discussion and freeze the project budget in advance. Budget control throughout the project’s lifecycle is at the core of agile and business requirements must be tested continuously.

  • Flexibility

    Project scope is always flexible with agile. If laws, conditions or strategy changes, agile enables sufficient flexibility for changes to software functionality.

  • Active involvement

    Agile development involves all departments impacted by the project. Frequent, active interactions between business managers and the IT team allows visibility, commitment, and excellent priority-setting.

E-Book Agile Software Development 

How to build in quality from the start?

In a world where everything is enhanced by software, clean code is one of the fastest ways we provide business value to our customers. In this paper we explain best practices in software development and testing, which all contribute to producing clean code, i.e. optimal code quality. 

Ebook agile software development - Cegeka
Agile coaching and training

Cegeka's experts bring agile to your business

  • Long experience

    Our experienced experts offer a broad range of trainings and courses to managerial and technical professionals.

  • Close Collaboration

    Our consultants work closely with clients and stakeholders to overcome specific issues relating to agile practices in their organizations.

  • Permanent results

    Our friendly agile coaches help you confront real life situations with a view to gaining confidence and getting permanent results

  • Agile transformation

    Our customers benefit from our long history with agile transformation, as we converted our own software factory a decade ago.

  • Agile maturity scan

    Our experts assess the maturity of your agile practices with an agile maturity scan, complete with a report, list of recommendations and debrief.


    We apply agile scaling models to all levels of companies of every size and industry to assist them in their agile transformations.

Metro systems

Roxana Ceialacu - Agile Program Manager, METRO SYSTEMS Romania

"Cegeka helped our enterprise not only to do agile, but enabled us to embrace an agile mindset, to live in an agile culture, to be agile based on agile values and principles."

+10 years

of experience our agile coaches and trainers have on Average


agile coaches and trainers at your disposal