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Blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger technology. It enables people to transmit value over the internet in a peer-to-peer setup, discarding the need of a third party. Blockchain is a prime example of digital disruption. As such it shakes up existing business models and opens up new opportunities that help companies redefine their way of conducting business.

Blockchain Key Characteristics

  • Innovative & Disruptive

    As a disruptive technology, blockchain enables new ways of conducting business.

  • Secure & Reliable

    Every transaction is recorded and validated, which results in transparency and reliability.

  • Internet of Value

    All forms of value can be transferred, from money to contracts, shares, deeds etc.

  • Cost efficient

    Costs are shared by those in the network, which makes blockchain very cost effective.

  • Trustworthy

    Blockchain itself is not vulnerable for manipulation, and as such enables trust.

  • Less complex

    Blockchain reduces the complexity of cross-enterprise business processes.

Our expertise

Cegeka DLT is your strategic partner for realizing new solutions driven by blockchain technology. Our competence center has 2 years’ worth of experience developing working blockchain-based Proof of Concepts. With tailored workshops and time boxed experiments we collaborate intensively on researching the feasibility for bringing a PoC to production.

Together with our partners we offer the right mix of technology and experience that is needed to bring your blockchain experiment to liffe.

Sander Van Loosbroek

Sander Van Loosbroek - Distributed Ledger Technology Expert, Cegeka

Blockchain impacts all industries that have trust as part of their core product.

Reinventing Business Models with Blockchain

Today Cegeka is validating the opportunities blockchain technology offers and the applications that are feasible in today’s business environments. We notice that banks are particularly triggered by the blockchain because it has the potential of creating new business models and increase efficiency. We work closely with them to reevaluate their business models and to find out how they can take advantage of this new technology.

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