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We live in a connected world – and we should be working in one too. That is why we want to urge organisations to become more ‘connected’. Connected Organisations are strong, secure and stable. They have happy employees, which makes them far more productive than traditional environments. Become a Connected Organisation: boost collaboration, optimize information sharing and improve organisational communication.

The Connected Organisation 

What decision makers need to know 

  • Focus on core business

    Devote more time and resources to your core business and inspire your innovators by using self-serve solutions to make information quickly and easily available.

  • increase knowledge & engagement

    Empower employees through enterprise social networks, communities, and forums – for more knowledge sharing and engagement.

  • shorten your communication

    Benefit from short communication lines between employees, customers, partners and stakeholders for rapid, easy scaling.

  • avoid information silos

    Get rid of the information silos and eliminate “information kingdoms” that keep your company from breaking boundaries.

  • Gain an overview

    Easily maintain a comprehensive overview of available expertise and information, for valuable business insights.

  • Become transparant

    Put knowledge up front for transparency, centralized cooperation, knowledge exchange and self-organisation.

How to become a Connected Organisation

 We can help you

  • Proven success

    Our method is tried and true – we’ve worked with over 70 companies, helping them with their transformation journey to a Connected Organisation. And since we practice what we preach, we have applied the Connected Organisation principles in-house as well, with success.

  • Step by step approach

    Businesses do not become Connected Organisations overnight. In your journey towards becoming more connected and people-centric, we propose using a step-by-step approach. “Think big, start small, scale fast” is our preferred way of working, because it is the best guarantee for success.

  • Culture shift

    Becoming a Connected Organisation does not stop at introducing new technology and tools. It requires a whole culture shift and a brand new mindset. We help you boost team spirit and set common goals, both of which are vital ingredients for lasting success.

  • Integration expertise

    In order to become a truly Connected Organisation, all your software and tools need to be seamlessly integrated. This way, you avoid data and knowledge siloes that work and communicatie in isolation. As integration specialists, we can ensure that your company is truly connected.

E-Book Connected Organisation

"A Connected Organisation always performs better"

Learn why “a connected organisation always does it better”. Explore the whys and ROIs of connected businesses, including case stories, benefits and keys to culture change in our free e-book.

Ebook connected organisation
Peter Poeck

Peter Poeck - Solution manager, Cegeka

“Everyone wants faster responses, personalized services and better experiences. A flexible internal network is the key to delivering these.”

The 4 cornerstones of a Connected Organisation

Open Communication - Cegeka

Open Communication

Make sure that your employees are always up-to-date on the latest organizational news. Help them be more productive by providing them with employee information, templates and tools.

Centralized Collaboration - Cegeka

Centralized collaboration

When information is centralized it becomes transparent and much more easier to manage. That goes for data, but it also business processes, records, documents and project information. 

Knowledge Sharing - Cegeka

Knowledge sharing

Employees who can share their work become a valuable source of expertise for your entire organization. Plus, when all knowhow captured and centralized, nothing is ever lost.

Self-organizing communities - cegeka

Self-organizing communities

Give your employees the ability to get more done by creating a community of their own. Self-organizing teams have a better sense of ownership and commitment, and manage work as a group. 

Happy customers with a connected organisation

  • Sitecore
  • AvePoint
  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner - cegeka
Dries Herpoelaert

Dries Herpoelaert - CEO, KMDA

"With Office 365 and Cegeka’s ‘Connected Organisation’ vision, KMDA has introduced a system for centralising information and making it transparent within the organisation.”

Our Technologies

  • SharePoint
  • Office 365
  • Skype for business
  • Microsoft Dynamics crm

Connected Organisations drivers

Drivers Connected Organisation - Cegeka

Our findings after internally testing our Connected Organisation blueprint


reduction in travel costs.


fewer mobile phone calls.


fewer workplaces required, MORE DISTANCE WORKING.


lower diesel costs (2014 vs. 2012).