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One of the most important aspects of being able to deliver a project on time and budget is to have an accurate way of estimating effort. Agile Development describes a set of principles like adaptive planning, continuous improvement and flexible response to change. Using these principles and frameworks, you will  optimize every project you develop.
Using the Scrum framework, you can have any project done within the deadline and budget. Scrum is an incremental Agile framework of planning, estimating, progress reporting  and communication techniques  that emphasize collaboration between parties. The Scrum method uses sprints as development units, which are timeboxed and iterative. Each sprint starts with a good planning, that aims to define the sprint backlog, a set of user stories to be estimated. 

Why use our Poker Planning method?

  • Poker planning  allows a more accurate way of estimating , leveraging  the cumulative expertise at the team level. 

  • Using  poker planning we make sure  that every team member's opinion is unbiased by the rest of the group and taken into account. 

  • The method uses  the known advantage  of being able to estimate much easier in relative terms compared to some reference tasks.  


Estimating your work complexity is a key element in team, employee and business development.

Curious to find out more about the Poker Planning technique we use at Cegeka?

 Download our Poker Planning Manual, leave us your contact and we will send you a deck of Poker Planning cards, to show you how we get things done.

If you are curious to see a live Poker planning session, we invite you to join our office in Bucharest for a live demonstration.


adrian canutescu  - operations manager , cegeka romania 

The Poker Planning method is one way of estimating effort, favored by the Agile community for its accuracy and for being a particular type of  wideband Delphi consensus-based technique.