Become a connected company in pharma & life sciences

The stakes are higher than ever for pharma & life sciences players, with increasing demands for effective collaboration, faster time to market and maximum security for systems and products. Cegeka combines powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions with industry-specific expertise, in full compliance with business standards, government regulations and global regulatory requirements, enabling you to overcome the challenges in the sector and become a truly connected company.


Turn industry challenges into opportunities

  • Regulatory compliance

    The challenges of compliance and validation in pharma and life sciences are becoming increasingly complex and demanding. Pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors must achieve and maintain compliance with GxP regulations and guidelines from international agencies and organizations (EMA, FDA, WHO, ICH, etc.)..

  • Security

    Security risks are rising along with the complexity of processes and systems. Your ERP must support optimal security, full traceability and electronic signature capabilities in compliance with international standards (e.g. 21 CFR Part 11 from the US Food and Drug Administration).

  • Effective collaboration

    The need for effective and efficient cooperation, communication and connection beyond company and country borders is increasing in pharma & life sciences. This requires flexible and easy-to-use collaboration tools to exchange information and data with third parties.

  • Time to market

    Combining scientific innovation with patient-centric business needs means that time to market – from front end to clinical trials – is often under pressure. There is an increasing demand to leverage agile methodologies and technologies to increase efficiency, accelerate outcomes and proactively respond to ever-changing market & competitor conditions.

Cegeka combines the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with real-world industry knowledge to help you thrive as a connected company.

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Operation Pharma

Stay ahead in the life sciences game

At Cegeka, we combine the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with real-world industry expertise to help you thrive as a connected company. Your Operation Pharma starts here.

Microsoft Dynamics solutions for pharma & life sciences

  • Regulatory compliance

21 CFR Part 11 compliant electronic signature, extended mobile device security, approval workflows for GxP critical processes, advanced shelf life date management, management of QP requirements for batch release and shipment approval, etc.

  • Lot traceability

Lot and container/drum management, approved customer/vendor/manufacturer list, label printing and reprinting, forward & backward lot traceability, recall & complaint management, etc.

  • Production management

Weighing & dispensing management, real-time interface with weighing scales, reconciliation of production components, material consumption, tolerance management, rework & reprocess order management, shop floor mobile capabilities and integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guide and HoloLens, etc.

  • Inventory & Material management

Time/Temperature monitoring for controlled products, advanced picking & put-away strategies, RF scanning & barcoding capabilities for procurement, production, sales and internal logistics, etc.

  • Quality management

Vendor & Manufacturer approval & qualification, advanced specification/test group management, statistical test criteria, periodic/skip/reduced testing, quality orders for purchase, production, transfer, sales & RMA’s, decimal precision for test results, peer review of test results, sampling management, etc.

  • Financial management

Accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, budget management, credit and collections, fixed asset management, cash & bank management, cost price management, electronic invoicing, financial reporting, etc.



The benefits of Microsoft Dynamics for your company

  • Validated for the requirements of the pharma and life sciences industry according to GAMP 5 recommendations and guidelines
  • Fully integrated with your business processes
  • Agile and quickly adaptable to changing client demands
  • User-friendly functionalities that are actually used by your team
  • Gain clear insights and make informed business decisions through accurate unified data


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