Become a connected chemicals company

Chemical companies need agility to keep up with growing safety, compliance and sustainability demands and stay competitive. Cegeka combines powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions with industry-specific expertise, enabling you to overcome these challenges and become a truly connected company.


Turn industry challenges into opportunities

With heavy investments in machinery and high market volatility, the margin for error in the chemical industry is close to none. Add increasing control over sustainability, safety and compliance to the mix, and only truly connected companies can stay ahead. We have the tools and industry expertise to help you transform these challenges into opportunities.

  • Compliance and safety

    An ever-changing regulatory landscape, increasing traceability and certification demands and sustainability challenges require fast insights and flexible operations.

  • Sustainability

    Chemical industry enterprises face critical sustainability challenges like waste and by-product processing, water usage and climate impact. A connected supply chain and optimized production process unlock detailed product information and traceability.

  • Operational excellence

    Price volatility and heavy operational investments require optimal production planning, maintenance and operation efficiency insights. Stay ahead of these challenges with the right financial and operational overview.

  • Learning & development and safety

    To meet increasing safety demands, your HR department faces continuous expansion and optimization of training and employee certification. These HR challenges need to be closely aligned with other business processes.

Cegeka combines the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with real-world industry knowledge to help you thrive as a connected company.

Dynamics for Chemicals

Become a connected chemicals company

Overcome the challenges in the sector with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and become part of our Chemicals family

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Microsoft Dynamics solutions for chemicals

  • Process Manufacturing

    Formula management, scheduling & sequencing, active ingredients & batch balancing, product costing, co/by-product & waste management, consolidated production orders

  • Trade

    Trading & contract management, assortment & private labels, potency pricing & valuation, approved vendor management, rebates & trade promotions, pricing, discounts & charges

  • Supply Chain Management

    Supply chain planning & MRP, labeling, barcoding & EDI, container and pallet management, vendor-managed inventory, available & capable to promise, demand planning

  • Advanced Warehousing

    RF scanning, picking & put away strategies, automated replenishments, lot disposition & blocking, cross docking, transport management

  • Quality Management

    Integrated quality control, advanced traceability & recall management, specification management, shelf-life management, complaint management, FEFO picking

  • Maintenance Management

    Asset management, spare parts control, maintenance schedules, preventive and corrective maintenance, mobile execution, budget & cost control

  • Product Information Management

    Product attributes and dimensions, product lifecycle management, product release and change management, product catalogs and categories

  • Customer Relationship Management

    Lead and opportunity management, prospect management, campaign management

  • Project and Service Management

    Project invoices, project accounting, revenue recognition, work breakdown structures, resource management, project purchasing, project contracts

The benefits of Microsoft Dynamics for your chemical company

  • Inherently adapted to the requirements of the chemical industry
  • Fully integrated with your business processes
  • Agile and quickly adaptable to changing client demands
  • User-friendly functionalities that are actually used by your team
  • Gain clear insights and make informed business decisions through accurate unified data


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