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The Cegeka Agility Days

Christopher Avery

Autumn Session 2018
Christopher realized coping skills are overrated. A better skill is knowing how to apply your innate leadership ability to face and overcome any challenge.
In this 1-day training he will share his insights about "© The Responsibility Process" on the following date:
  • 16 November 2018 | Brussels
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Ellen Gottesdiener

Spring Session 2019 [1]

Ellen is an Agile Product Coach and CEO of EBG Consulting, focused on helping product and development communities create valuable outcomes through product agility.
Ellen will give a 2-day Agile Requirements training "Discover to Deliver".
 11 & 12 April 2019 | Leuven

Dawna Jones

Spring Session 2019 [2]

Dawna Jones provides insights accompanied by advanced decision-making awareness for clarity, greater accuracy and increased responsiveness, especially in complex environments.
"Navigating through the messy middle: transforming workplaces from directive to collaborative agility".
 24 & 25 April 2019 | Leuven