The Cegeka Agility Days

4 concepts of Business Agility: how to thrive in a fast changing world

27 January 2020 | Cegeka Leuven


The world is moving faster and faster. There is a constant push to do more with less and at the same time being more agile/flexible. When working harder is not an option anymore, one has to take a step back, take a good look and start examining, thinking and organizing differently. In order to be able to do this Jan will walk us through 4 concepts on business agility he distilled during his years of coaching organizations.

  • The first conceptCynefin - helps us to take that good look. Organizations have competent people and yet they experience slow delivery, low quality, lots of surprises and on top of this people are getting increasingly frustrated. It’s like Kafka is wandering in your company! There is a reason for this and why this happening in so many organizations. This concept helps us to see what you can do about it.
  • The second conceptFlow – helps a team/company obtain a more constant and more predictable output.
  • The third concept is about Solving the problem. Rather than blindly installing a predefined framework one should be solving a business problem.
  • The fourth and last concept is about Portfolio management and how to deal with this in a context of business agility. Jan will attack these four concepts in interactive sessions with theory and real live examples. 

Learning outcomes:

  • You will discover the ‘why’ and more important ‘what’ to do about it.
  • Jan will share 4 concepts distilled from his years of working the domain of Business Agility in complex environments.
  • During this full day you will experience those concepts and hear about real cases with successes and failures.
    These 4 aces in a row will change the way you act and think about work.

For whom?

Department managers, Directors, Agile coaches, team leads, portfolio managers.


€ 650/pp

About your facilitator:

"In order to deal with and even thrive on the ever increasing speed and complexity we need to collaborate and organize in another way. Thanks to the explosion of social technology, today we have other possibilities of dealing with these challenges and opportunities. The bottom-up approach usually used in agile transformations is morphing into cultural transformations where the whole company and all the aspects are changing. Moving from static to dynamic organizations. Coaching organizations on this journey is what Jan has been doing for the last decade."


Jan De Baere - Agile Coach (Cegeka)