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Cegeka's Flanders Digital, in partnership with the Flemish government, wants to ensure that Flanders grows into the European top 5 of most digitized regions. Cegeka is the strategic IT partner of the Flemish government for this.

In this way,
Cegeka wants to support the further digitalization of Flanders in the field of digital workplaces and to build applications that have an impact on the 6.6 million Flemish population- people like you and me. We are looking for people who show enthusiasm or- to put it in Flemish – “goesting”!


Flemish government: projects with impact!

"From pregnancy to your child's 25th birthday: thanks to the Growth Package developed at Cegeka, 960,000 Flemish families automatically receive the correct allowances and benefits over this entire period. Talk about a project with impact!

At Cegeka, we always use the most recent technologies and methodologies instead of traditional (database) systems. The right choice of technology is essential,  especially given the complexity of this project. Keeping up with the latest developments makes my work even more fascinating.


This results in a huge, positive contribution to our society. I am very proud of this, and so are my 35 colleagues working on the Growth Package. The fact that we won  for this the European Public Sector Award 2019 and Computable Award in 2020, underlines our ambition and the added value that we want to bring to the Flemish government."

-  Jos Verrelst (Program Manager Flanders Digital at Cegeka)

Our most recent projects:

  • With the Persona project, Agodi (the Agency for Education Services) and Ahovoks (the Agency for Higher Education, Adult Education, Qualification and Study Grants) wants to put a new application into use to manage personnel data. Indeed, the current EPD has reached the limits of its capabilities after more than thirty years of evolution. In addition, the agencies want to drastically reduce the number of manual operations in data management to free up time for advice and customer contact. And finally, they want to use a modern application as the engine for a broader, more direct service to the various stakeholders.

    Together with our partner DXC, Cegeka was appointed by Agodi and Ahovoks to build Persona. We are working closely with our colleagues from Cronos. They are responsible for the overall project management and ICT Governance. In addition, Cronos has also been given the task of thoroughly analyzing the processes used in data processing and improving them where necessary. We then use the output of this re-engineering process as input for our functional analysis and subsequent implementation.
  • In order to make Flanders the leading region in the field of IoT and smart cities, the Flemish government will have the Flemish Sensor Data Space developed by DXC - Cegeka.

    The Flemish government will use the Flemish Sensor Data Space to provide an answer to the tidal wave of fast streaming, real-time data coming from all kinds of devices, cameras and sensors. Thanks to the VSDS, this mass of new data can provide important new insights and make it possible to build smart applications. For example, smart traffic lights or sensors that monitor the water level in our waterways.

    It is the ambition of Digital Flanders and DXC - Cegeka to have a first version of the platform ready by the end of this year.

  • Following the Flemish Enforcement Framework Decree, DXC - Cegeka is working on the development of a Flemish Enforcement Platform for the Justice and Enforcement Agency. The aim is to centralize all information relating to administrative enforcement from the various inspection services in Flanders. The aim of the Enforcement Platform is for all authorities and agencies involved to be kept up to date on administrative enforcement activities in order to take into account previously initiated procedures, sanctions imposed and to enforce more efficiently.

    By integrating with My Citizen Profile and the e-Counter for Business, it will also be possible for citizens and businesses to consult their own final administrative sanctions. The integration with the Magda document service ensures that these parties receive administrative enforcement communications efficiently. In this way, administrative enforcement is transparent for all actors involved.

The collaboration with the Flemish government is very close to my heart. Cegeka is a growth company with Flemish roots and strong local grounding

Stijn Bijnens, CEO Cegeka

What do we offer you in this project?

  • Continuous learning: you can develop yourself through exploration days, trade associations, mentoring, training paths and support from a people manager.
  • Agile working: you will make part of dynamic teams with driven colleagues, no-nonsense mentality, open communication and agile working.
  • Coaching by people manager: your people manager is your contact, personal coach and sparring partner regarding your career and development.


  • Social impact: you help build applications that impact 6.6 million Flemish people, like you and me.
  • State-of-the-art technology: you work with state-of-the-art methodologies such as pair programming, (acceptance) test driven development, DevOps principles and innovative technologies such as, among others, Blazor and Solid.
  • Onboarding training package: we assess your current level of experience and skills and together we create a personal development plan for you to boost your career.


Proven experience

Cegeka has already developed various high-quality applications for the Flemish Government which have an impact on everyday life. For example, 960,000 Flemish families receive a Growth Package every month. They receive their family allowance correctly and on time thanks to our platform.

Robin Custers is an Architect at Cegeka for the Flemish government. He is involved in the various projects that are currently running. On the one hand, we have recently started the Persona project (the renewal of the personnel file for education), and on the other hand we are also working with the Justice and Enforcement Agency where we are supporting the Agency with their entire IT landscape that they are currently setting up. We are also working on the files related to the development of a Flemish data platform. Watch Robin's story in the video below:

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