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At Smart Cities, we support local governments, businesses and citizens in building a sustainable society. We deliver specialized products and services like Capacity, Mobilize, Conflict management and Urban sense.

Our division Smart Cities is a good place to work. We are building together on our future. We care, dare to innovate and deliver exceptional results with a purpose. We grow people on a Leader - Leader model and not in a Leader - Follower model.


Capacity is the platform that combines Smart Parking & EV charging in Europe, built to autonomously operate and manage all types of B2B multitenant environments.

Having an ecosystem in mind, Capacity addresses the challenges that property owners and facility managers are experiencing in real estate:
•    Generate new revenue streams from underutilized space during and after working hours;
•    Optimize, manage and redistribute space flexibly, including parking and EV charging spots; 
•    Provide seamless, end-to-end, digital journeys that provide great user experience;
•    Interconnect parking with other smart technologies such as virtual receptionists, facility management services, access devices, MaaS applications and more. 


By giving local governments access to smart technologies, we offer solutions that help them take data-driven policy decisions. A 100x faster!

With Mobilize, we bring together all sorts of traffic, behavioural, contextual and geographical data to visualize and analyse the as-is situation in your city or municipality.

Our platform also allows you to build scenario’s through an easy-to-use map editor, editing road and traffic characteristics as you go. Our AI traffic model then simulates the changes in traffic intensities for each street in a wide area around the scenario.

Conflict management

Conflict management

With the conflict management solution we help local governments to get a better view on near accidents happening on intersections. In a dashboard we show an overview of the conflicts, showing the risk, types of vehicles involved, location, ... This helps policy makers to get the necessary insights in order to be able to proactively make changes to the road infrastructure and prevent accidents that cause serious injury and/or damage.

Urban sense

Within Urban Sense, we’ve build an IoT dataplatform that allows local governments to centralize all the data from different sensors and other sources, making the data interoperable and easy to access for all kind of (third party) solutions, such as visualisation tools, simulations, dashboards,... Because of the cost sharing principle, we allow different cities and municipalities easy access to a datastream once it’s onboarded on the platform.

Smart Cities works with Belgian and Romanian employees and tries to keep the connection very warm.

Dorine Engelen, Project Manager Smart Cities

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