Did you know that you can also start at Cegeka as a non-IT professional?

Valerie has a master's degree in Modern History and Law. That is not a major you spontaneously associate with IT. However, it is a field that requires important skills that match those of a good analyst. So no, you don't have to be an IT specialist to make a serious impact at Cegeka.


I was miles away from "the IT sector", both in terms of studies and in previous job experiences

I had the business knowledge but I knew nothing about IT. During my first week, IT terms like deploys, corrupt aggregates and feature toggle were completely unfamiliat to me. I was sometimes thinking, "How am I ever going to be able to do all this?".
But in the second week I noticed how quickly I picked things up and if I had any questions, I could always contact my team. The training Cegeka organizes internally for starting employees is fantastic! In such a short time, you get to know Cegeka as a company but you also learn different techniques that make you a better analyst. You become part of an incredibly supportive team and nobody expects you to do everything perfectly from day one. The team spirit that reigns at Cegeka and everyone wanting to help each other is a unique experience for me.

Valerie Reekmans (Business Analyst)

I have a master's degree and limited or no experience in IT.


What skills do you need to start working at Cegeka?


  • Critical thinking: you must be able to challenge the well-trodden paths, find where the bottlenecks are and suggest solutions and improvements.
  • Listening and communicating: you can communicate fluently and clearly with clients and various teams, for example: as a functional analyst you must be able to understand the client's wishes regarding a certain development and communicate them to the team.


  • Analytical thinking: you can analyze and deconstruct a complex problem. You consider different solutions keeping the pros and cons in mind.
  • You are eager to learn: you come into contact with very different customers in various industries. You enjoy continuously updating your own knowledge in a rapidly changing sector.


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