Viollier: The heart of healthcare data protection

Healthcare professionals manage someone’s most private data. The cornerstones of ethically handling that information are flawless data quality and security. Cegeka has successfully developed a leading digital healthcare platform, which offers a secure combination of people, personal data management and medical applications. A data-driven project with a real-life tangible impact. A project on which lives depend.

Your next project? Introducing Viollier.

In Switzerland, medical professionals have been at the forefront of digital patient data management using electronic patient records (EPR) for many years. The opportunity for Viollier, as a pioneering laboratory? Connecting EPRs to laboratory research management and examination requests, with increased security and efficiency, was a crucial next step in optimizing the data management process.

Cegeka created a unique web application, written in Java, for Viollier called “v-consult”. In short: online prescription of analyses (e.g., blood, urine) and report query in real time combined with state-of-the-art processes of laboratory medicine and technology.

From any patient's digital file, the doctor or medical professional can submit an analysis request online and monitor its processing status from start to finish. By removing redundant paperwork and outdated procedures from the equation, v-consult enables all involved professionals to focus on what matters most: saving lives.

You and the Viollier team.

The Viollier project isn’t singular. It’s plural. We are a group of like-minded people with various backgrounds who embody Cegeka’s culture of collaboration and inclusion.

Skills, background, and education are factors we must consider in our hiring process, but you matter most. Your ambition and drive. Who you are. What you want to learn. And where you want to g(r)o(w) towards. Well-being at Cegeka, isn’t just a talking point. It’s a point of action fueled by a work culture of respect, fairness, and openness.  


Laboratory technology is a tremendously fast-growing branch of science that cannot progress using outdated software. Hence our importance for Viollier: innovation is needed to ensure tomorrow's healthcare.

Pieter Graulus, Functional Software Engineer

The who, where, and how. The Viollier team currently consists of 25 people, so +1 when you join us. Our office is located near the railway station of Berchem. However, remote work is possible for 3 days per week. Of course, you’ll be provided with all the necessary resources to remain connected with your colleagues throughout the day and access your tools and platforms. Agility is a critical component of day to day. High-quality testing and development is the blueprint for every step of the way. From concept to deployment and monitoring. Also, individual agility is key. Adaptability to challenges that could and tackle any challenges together with the team. 

An important part about working in the v-team is that you are given the time, space and trust to implement your solution. The social barrier to ask for help is very low. So even though you are responsible for a specific functionality, it feels like a team effort.

Thijs Raets, Java Developer


At Cegeka, you will join over 2000 experts in Flanders. Security, data, cloud technology, and software analysis are just a handful of our cornerstones. 

Are you ready to take the next step in your career? When you join us, you will work on a project that directly impacts lives and connects to real-world healthcare solutions. Once you’re on board, you’ll have enough time and room, to think, learn, grow and thrive. But help is always just a tap on the shoulder away. Everyone is approachable and easy to talk to. And more than willing to assist along the way. Or for some chitchat at the water cooler / coffee machine. Ready to make an impact, create an outcome, and see results? 

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