Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Pharma & Life Sciences

    In one of the fastest growing industries in the world, pharma and life science companies face many challenges and growing pains. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, Cegeka offers the only validated ERP system for pharma and life sciences in Europe. Here’s how to get ahead of the game in this buzzing industry, and how to stay there.  

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    Turn industry challenges into opportunities

    • Regulatory compliance 

      The challenges of compliance and validation in pharma and life sciences are becoming increasingly complex and demanding. As a pharmaceutical manufacturers or distributor, you must achieve and maintain compliance with GxP regulations and guidelines from international agencies and organizations (EMA, FDA, WHO, ICH, etc.). 

    • Security 

      Along with the increased complexity of processes and systems, security risks are becoming more prevalent. As a result, your  ERP must support optimal security, full traceability and electronic signature capabilities in compliance with international standards (e.g. 21 CFR Part 11 from the US Food and Drug Administration). 

    • Effective collaboration 

      The need for effective and efficient cooperation, communication and connection beyond company and country borders is increasing in pharma & life sciences. This requires flexible and easy-to-use collaboration tools to exchange information and data with third parties.

    • Time to market 

      Combining scientific innovation with patient-centric business needs means that time to market – from front end to clinical trials – is often under pressure. There is an increasing demand to leverage agile methodologies and technologies to enhance efficiency, accelerate outcomes and proactively respond to ever-changing market & competitor conditions. 

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    On demand webinar

    Always compliant with Dynamics 365 for Pharma & Life Sciences 

    Join experts from Microsoft, Cegeka, and Epista as they discuss how an ERP system can create even more business value and help Pharma & Life Sciences companies adapt to changing environments. 


    Curious to see and hear more on our solution and its key capabilities?

    tch the videos below and get an update from our experts. We’ll dive into the 5 key drivers around which our solution was built and we’ll highlight 2 features per pillar. 




    • Intro & overview of our pharma & life sciences solution.

    • Regulatory compliance: Achieve and maintain compliance with GxP regulations and guidelines, using accurate and consistent data. 



    • Quality management: Improve production standards and manufacture high-quality products, to increase customers’ confidence in the safety and effectiveness of medications. 

    • Lot traceability: Improve the traceability of items throughout the entire supply chain and monitor the lifecycle of each lot/batch of material. 

    • Inventory & material management: Establish material requirements for production, control material usage and set specific goals for procurement and replenishment. Simplify the supply chain workflow. 

    • Proven methodology: Both the solution as well as the project approach need to be validated when deploying business software in pharma & life science company.



    “One key benefit is Cegeka’s process library. They defined more than 190 business processes specific that are critical for the life science industry. All these processes are documented in the process library, which is used as the standard or industry-specific best practice companies should adapt to. Once this library is implemented, you can add specific functionalities for your business, like track and trace.”


    Henrik Walther Madsen, Director at Epista

    Advantages of Dynamics 365 for Pharma & Life Sciences 


    • Future-proof business software: A modern, unified, intelligent and scalable solution. 
    • Best practices and processes: 495 best practices, predefined checklists for each process and end to end optimization. 
    • Proven methodologyFit and documented for pharma & life sciences, and certified by Epista 
    • Valuable insights: More than 75 dashboards to get more and deeper insights from your data. 


    Our validated Dynamics 365 solution for Pharma & Life Sciences 

    Dynamics for Pharma & Life Sciences is an extended solution specifically developed for the pharma & life science industry on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations. We provide an industry-specific accelerator to kick-start the ERP implementation of pharma & life sciences companies and apply best practice standards.


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