Recipes for growth

    Stay on top in the complex food industry

    The market, your customers wishes, legislation: everything is constantly changing. How do you, as a food company, keep everything smoothly going - so that you keep growing? Discover the growth recipes of top players in your sector.


    Is there a recipe for an organization to keep growing and innovating, despite all the challenges in the food sector? Something like:

    • A hefty dose of streamlined processes to increase your (cost) efficiency.
    • A large scoop of customer insights to cater to your customers' every need.
    • A generous dash of of centralized data to ensure you are and remain sustainable and compliant.
    • With a creamy sauce of flexibility to smoothly adapt to any change.

    Food companies such as Bieze Food Group, SanoRice, Bolletje, and many others found their growth recipes. The chef in charge: Cegeka. Thanks to our more than 20 years of experience, we are at home in the food industry. We know the challenges, the processes, and that one ingredient that undoubtedly ensures growth: the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

    Curious about the other growth ingredients? Our food customers enthusiastically share their recipes - including the secret sauce - in the stories below.

    Bart Van Belleghem, CEO, Van Ballegooijen Foods

    "Cegeka is a Microsoft partner with a lot of expertise and knowledge of the food industry. That was really appealing to us."

    Bart Van Belleghem, CEO, Van Ballegooijen Foods

    Discover more growth recipes!

    Read their stories, dive into the future of the food sector and discover how a smart ERP and/or CRM solution

    can also help your organization grow - with Cegeka's support.


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