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Cegeka develops BORGinsole application to make custom insoles

Paul Borgions, COO BORGinsole

Industry: Consumer Goods 

"The agile method that Cegeka uses was a revelation for us. Cegeka came to our site to develop the application so we could keep a really close eye on things. The interim evaluations were extremely valuable too."PAUL BORGIONS - COO, BORGINSOLE

BORGinsole wanted an application which could create perfect insoles from its 3D scan system. Together with IT provider Cegeka, the company developed an application than runs through the whole process from 3D foot scan to end product. Podiatrists can use the 3D Sole app to design the ideal insole for any customer in just six mouse clicks. The application represents a gain in productivity of over 50% for BORGinsole itself.

BORGinsole is aiming to be a pioneer in the podiatry sector. Together with Cegeka, it has developed an application that podiatrists can use to easily design insoles based on a 3D scan.

In the past, insoles were made using traditional methods at the expense of precision and level of re-usability. ‘It took years before you learned how to do the right things based on your own sense of feeling. So we wanted an application that could create perfect insoles tailored for customers in just a few mouse clicks,’ says Paul BORGions, COO at BORGinsole. ‘Any podiatrist can use the 3D Sole app to determine what the insole will look like and what corrections have to be made, for example. The application helps to reproduce this repeatedly without any mistakes.’

Productivity gains and increasing market value

All podiatrists who work with BORGinsole can use the 3D Sole app to design the perfect insole. BORGions: ‘Our partners can outsource the entire production process to us, or lease the application from us with a contract. They just need to follow a 2-hour training session to get to grips with the software. This has increased our market share enormously, so we can add new machinery.’

The company saw its productivity soar thanks to this automation. ‘We used to design three insoles per hour, and now it's ten,’ confirms Paul BORGions. ‘Cegeka made sure the application controls our processor automatically, which means we save about three or four minutes per insole.’

Application guarantees 100% accuracy

The BORGinsole 3D digitiser first makes a very accurate scan of the foot. The application then generates a model of the foot, and optimises the foot axes and all the joints you need for walking and running. This means the foot is synchronised with the customer’s entire movement system at all points. ‘The software uses algorithms to determine how the various parts of the foot move relative to each other,’ explains Paul BORGions. ‘It automatically recognises anatomical locations on the 3D model of the foot scan.’

The podiatrist then makes corrections to the insole in a subsequent stage. Cegeka has successfully developed an application which can create the perfect insole in just six mouse clicks. ‘The software processes the foot axes in this patented stage. The algorithm which manipulates this dynamic axis is completely unique,’ says Paul BORGions. Cegeka built various options into the software for optimising the point clouds on the insole until the perfect result is achieved. All the calculations performed by the algorithms can be adjusted manually if necessary.

In a final stage the application automatically maps everything together, and the requirements for choice of material and hardness are specified. Pressing the export button sends all the data to the machines that operate BORGinsole, and the insoles are produced. Paul BORGions: ‘This sophisticated process completely eliminates any mistakes. Everything the software does is perfect. If you perform the same action ten times, you get the same result ten times, even if there’s a different user at the computer.’

Crucial role of IT partner

BORGinsole explored the market thoroughly before choosing a suitable IT partner. Paul BORGions: ‘It was no easy task finding a partner who specialises in writing 3D software. We were mainly impressed by Cegeka’s agile method of working in our initial contacts with them. And we were completely convinced after visiting their Hasselt offices. Their data centre is impressive and instils lots of confidence too.’

‘The project leader that worked with us was an incredibly skilled developer who was an expert at manipulating complex 3D point clouds, for example. His intelligence, sense of calm and ideas were a real bonus throughout the process. And the way of working was a revelation for us. The fact that the experts developed the application here in our offices meant that we could keep a really close eye on everything. The interim evaluations and test phases meant we could always change things quickly if there were any problems, which was crucial for the success of this project. I couldn’t have imagined a better collaboration.’

From 3D application to 3D printing

‘Cegeka fully met our expectations. The collaboration demanded a lot from us, but we look back on it as a very favourable time. We’re currently investigating if we can produce the insoles using 3D printers, safe in the knowledge that we can rely on our IT partner for projects like this and improve our competitive value even further together, ” concludes Paul BORGions.

Lessons learned

  • Take the time needed to implement a complex project like this
  • Make sure you have a legal framework for the application
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Productivity increases 50%

The automatic operation of the machinery means BORGinsole can produce twice as much


BORGinsole’s market share has increased dramatically as other podiatrists can use the application too


The BORGinsole 3D Sole app uses algorithms to achieve perfect results


  • Use a 3D foot scan to custom develop a very precise insole
  • Make a 3D application that maps foot axes and movements
  • Achieve productivity gains


  • App optimises the precision of the insole
  • Ease of use ensures other podiatrists use it too
  • Podiatrists have 100% control over the result
  • Perfect insole in six mouse clicks
  • Larger market share thanks to application
  • Productivity gains of more than 50%



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