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Cegeka helps GZA departments improve collaboration

Geert De Groof, Internal Project Leader GZA

Industry: Healthcare 

Cegeka didn’t get lost in the details or extra customisation, and quickly delivered 80% of the project so we could get started.GEERT DE GROOF - INTERNAL PROJECT LEADER , GZA

GasthuisZusters Antwerp was looking for a solution for better internal communication and central management of its unstructured information. The implementation of SharePoint gave GZA a document management system with integrated intranet, centralisation of documents and a central knowledge base.

A single channel for communication and information

The intranet ensures smooth and transparent communication with all employees. As well as the general information, there’s also the option of more targeted information. Documents can be linked to specific projects or categorised under specific services, committees or working groups in the document management section.

All the procedure books, manuals and e-learning modules are stored in the knowledge base, and all documents are centralised, conveniently arranged and user-friendly. “The portal has already become well established with our employees,” says Veerle De Boeck, SharePoint Developer at GZA. “Everyone can find the documents they need easily and there’s a single channel for communicating with and informing employees. A vast improvement.”

Fast delivery

Geert De Groof, Internal Project Leader at GZA: “We started the project by sitting together with all the key users and submitting a Proof of Concept to the board of directors. Once this was approved we moved on to the portal content and migrating all the data, coupled with a conversion of all the old document layouts into a universal template.”

“Cegeka didn’t get lost in the details or extra customisation, and quickly delivered 80% of the project so we could get started. This gave us more experience with the new platform and improved internal support.” Cegeka also migrated the GZA portal to the latest version of SharePoint.

Quick and easy access to all information

Following the merger of various hospitals, GasthuisZusters Antwerp was looking for an efficient means of communication with an emphasis on the cross-campus aspect. GZA wanted to improve collaboration between employees within the various departments.

It was therefore looking for a way to provide employees with quick and easy access to all relevant information, so they could share it faster and more efficiently and collaborate better. This enables GZA to save time and money, and content is more secure at all levels.

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  • Transparent communication
  • Information stored in a centralised & unambiguous manner
  • An efficient structure
  • Fast and easy access to all information
  • More efficient knowledge sharing and cooperation
  • Better content security
  • Time and cost savings
  • Integration with proprietary applications
  • Process and workflow automation


  • Enterprise content management
  • Document & workflow management
  • Information & collaboration management