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Working more efficiently with a new communication platform

Henri Jeandarme, Operations Director Renta Solutions

Industry: Industrical Goods & Services 

The renewed application’s maintenance costs are clearly lower than before. It has also become much more stable.HENRI JEANDARME - OPERATIONS DIRECTOR, RENTA SOLUTIONS

Renta Solutions has entrusted the management of the MRT (“Maintenance, Repair, Tyres”) application to Cegeka. MRT is a communication platform between leasing companies, car dealers and tyre centres that arranges all maintenance for 340,000 lease cars in Belgium. The application was renewed and is currently being expanded to help more than three thousand Renta members, who cannot work a day without MRT, work even more efficiently.

Lower costs higher quality and additional functionality

Renta Solutions wanted to reduce maintenance costs for its MRT application, guarantee its availability and have the ability to implement changes more quickly. After the renewal, they also wanted to expand it with new features that may be useful for the sector. That is why various representatives from the sector were closely involved in the development of the new version of MRT. “We would like to build a platform for the whole sector”, Henri Jeandarme says.

First modernization then expansion

The application was renewed completely. It was rewritten in Java and is currently being expanded. Renta thought it was important not to do both things at the same time: “By copying a well-functioning system ‘as is’, you can be sure that the new system will also work efficiently”, Henri Jeandarme explains.

The application is upgraded according to the agile software development method. The IT project is broken up into small increments, which are competed one by one. “The method is not only user-friendly, it also stimulates a dynamic approach, increases the quality of the software and ensures we will eventually get the application we really want”, Henri Jeandarme says.

Renta customers are working more efficiently

“The renewed application’s maintenance costs are clearly lower than before”, Henri Jeandarme says. “But there is more than just the financial side. The application has also become much more stable.” And the extended application will make Renta and its customers work even more efficiently.

“In addition, Cegeka is a very correct company. There were no surprises, starting from the quotation phase. In addition, we notice they are a dynamic company and have a genuine interest in our organization. We have opted for a Belgian supplier, who would take good care of a Belgian customer. And Cegeka matches that profile perfectly.”



Software Development Whitepaper


Communication platform controls all maintenance


Stability of the application greatly increased


Maintenance costs are remarkably lower


  • Modernization of a legacy business application 
  • Uncover, explain and adapt the business logic of the old database in Magic
  • Engage business owners and key users
  • Integrate with existing  back-end systems
  • Modern and stable platform for ca. 30 leasing companies and 3000 garages and tyre centers
  • Training leasing companies and e-learning scenario technicians




  • Java Programming Language
  • Apache Camel
  • Java Servlet Container Tomcat
  • Database MySQL
  • Vaadin application framework for the user interface
  • Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Maven
  • Subversion