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Expert session: tax calculation service for Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

The tax calculation service helps you out by automatically linking the correct legal entity VAT ID to transactions such as purchases, sales and transfers between warehouses, and registering them accordingly. Additionally, the solution also improves compliance with local tax regulations.
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Operational efficiency: i.a.w. Poco Loco, Lion Products and Bieze Food Group

How do you manage to set up the supply chain and production equipment in such a way that you have a clear and correct insight into the figures, so that you can reduce costs and monitor margins?
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Dynamics 365 ERP: Finance&Operations vs. Business Central

Looking for an ERP platform tailored to your business processes and needs? Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers two ERP platforms: Business Central and Finance&Operations. We can tell you which of the two systems will help your business grow best.
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Facilitate your HR journey

Could your HR processes benefit from a helping hand? Business solution architect Tom Haeck discusses a number of HR challenges and elaborates on our successful project at KPN ICT Consulting.
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Optimize your project delivery

Want to breathe new life into your project delivery? Industry manager Daan Danneels looks at several project delivery challenges and reveals how our solution got the job done at KPN ICT Consulting.
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Take your service delivery to the next level

Want to give your service delivery approach a boost? Industry manager Daan Danneels and solution architect Bart Lemmens explore a few service delivery challenges and explain how our solution helped APTCO Group.
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Boost your sales

Struggling with your sales approach? Solution manager Rob Hufschmitt goes over a number of sales challenges and shows you how imec benefited from our solution.
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Streamline your finance

Are your finance processes not quite running as smoothly as they should? Finance consultant Bart Vermeulen delves into several finance challenges and reveals how our solution helped Securitas Technology achieve its goals.
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Generate a Customer 360° view with a fully-integrated Microsoft stack

Ever since the digital revolution took off, well-informed buyers are expecting a personalized experience. Marketing, Sales and Customer Service will have to team up to meet these customer expectations.
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Customer service in an omnichannel environment

During this webinar, we focus on how you can support customer focus by using the right tools. Find out how Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solutions take your customer focus to the next level.
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Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Manage all HR data and streamline all processes in one single, easy-to-use solution
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