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Operational efficiency in the Agri and Food industry

i.a.w. Poco Loco, Lion Products and Bieze Food Group

Customer demand is constantly changing, products have to be on the market super fast in countless variations, compliance is a complex tangle that has a delaying effect.

How do you manage to set up the supply chain and production equipment in such a way that you have a clear and correct insight into the figures, so that you can reduce costs and monitor margins. Without sacrificing effectiveness, speed, flexibility and quality.

In this webinar we will discuss, based on the business cases at Poco Loco, Lion Products and Bieze Food Group, the following things:

  • A word of explanation about the customer;
  • What were the specific pain points? How did they become tangible?
  • What was the impact of that?
  • What have we learned? What would we do differently now?

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