We are happy to announce the third edition of Cegeka Academy, an educational program designed for students in their final years or master's degrees at technical faculties in  Romania.

The program is limited to 50 students and will last 12 weeks, from March 1 to May 31, 2022, with a focus on three technologies: Java, .NET, and Frontend. Besides theoretical and technical concepts that the students will learn from their Cegeka mentors, they also have access to HR information such as successful recruitment process, career advice, and best practices for their future career path, thanks to HR specialists and trainers from Cegeka Romania. 

Students interested in participating in the third edition of Cegeka Academy are encouraged to submit their CVs here until February 20, 2022. 

What will students learn over the three months program? 

Each week, mentors will present technical concepts to them, followed by problems or exercises to help them understand the theory. The difficulty gradually increases as they progress through the program. Students will be divided into teams during the final month of the Cegeka Academy, with each team tasked with completing a project. This project aims to apply and deepen the concepts learned thus far and develop soft skills such as interaction with colleagues, team communication, setting priorities, and problem-solving. 

"As a mentor team, we hope that this program will be as beneficial to all participating students as possible. Even if only a few of them work at Cegeka, we are confident that this experience will help them diversify their knowledge in the field and land a job as a programmer. We believe that such a learning program would benefit any student nearing the end of their studies, as it would supplement the technical knowledge gained during their studies. Through Cegeka Academy, we connect students with industry professionals who have years of experience and can learn a lot, even from their future coworkers. Our main goal is to provide them with as much relevant information for a new job as possible, as a foundation for their future in this industry," said the Cegeka Academy mentors. 

37 students participated in the 2021 Cegeka Academy program, learning more about two technologies: Java and .NET, and 15 of them have already landed a job with Cegeka Romania. Excited by the previous edition's results, the mentoring teams decided to add another technology to Java and .NET this year, namely Frontend. 

"Every year, we hope to broaden the technologies to appeal to a broader range of students. We are thrilled that we discovered young people eager to learn last year, and 15 of them have since joined us in various projects. Our goal remains to invest in the education of students in order to provide them with a technical and non-technical background to help them at the start of their careers", Andra Antonescu, HR Director at Cegeka Romania, affirmed. 

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