At Cegeka, we thrive in an ever-evolving world where change is the only constant. In the dynamic IT industry, adapting is essential to staying relevant. Amidst the vast and continuous flow of information, it's crucial to stay true to our core values and stand out. 

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With this in mind, we have refined our employee value proposition, tailoring it to the unique contexts of Romania, Moldova, and Greece. Our foundational values – in close cooperation, entrepreneurship, authenticity, respect, ownership, cost consciousness, and development – provided an excellent starting point. Since 1992, "In close cooperation" has been our guiding tagline, embodying our mission and vision. 


Through collaboration with our teams, we have validated that "In close cooperation" continues to resonate deeply with our employees’ experiences. This tagline authentically represents our team and company culture. Our internal brand audit reaffirmed this belief, highlighting the strong connection between our tagline and organizational culture. Expanding our EVP to include growth, work, and exploration aligns with Cegeka's priorities as an employer and reflects what our teams value most. 


We grow thanks to…  

Personalized career paths 

Cegeka fully supports employees to reach their full potential and empowers them to embrace their desired career paths. They can specialize, broaden, or improve their skills in their current function and even change their area of expertise. 

Courses and certifications from renowned vendors 

Employees benefit from a professional training budget aligned with their plan development and the time required to complete the training relevant to their profile. Our internal soft skills curriculum accompanies the technical courses and supports them in becoming the best version of themselves. 


Cegeka's growth, both organically and through the acquisition of CTG, has created new opportunities for the company and for individuals within it. Our focus on growth extends to our employees, providing them with the chance to develop their careers and reach their full potential. The integration of CTG into Cegeka is a prime example of how we are constantly expanding and creating new possibilities.”, says Tom De Vos, Executive Vice President Global Delivery.

We work… 

Individually, by encouraging employees to openly communicate whether they want to advance in their current role or change their area of expertise. 

As a team: we work with the customer, not for the customer. This philosophy helped us become more than an IT supplier: we’re a trusted partner. 


We explore through… 

Webinars with external experts on topics such as wellbeing, financial education, parenting, stress management 

Moments that matter: team get-togethers and recurring Hangout Parties at our offices   

Cegeka Xplorers, a program which aims to support members in pursuing one of their passions. Xplorers can work independently or build a community within Cegeka, and they create content revolving around their passion.  

As our company continues to expand, growth has become the defining theme of our story this year. Tom De Vos, Executive Vice President Global Delivery, provides more insights on this subject:

To meet the needs of our customers, we need talented people with diverse competences. Besides an established company and top employer in Romania, our primary objective in Moldova and Greece is to establish Cegeka as the ICT employer of choice. We believe that as a growing company, we have the projects and opportunities to attract young graduates as well as experienced professionals to become part of our growth story.

 "We grow. We work. We explore. In close cooperation" is a natural extension of our employer brand, rooted in our motto and our core value. This phrase integrates our core values and showcases the cohesive narrative of our company's growth and achievements.