Two to Tango: How to tackle your ERP project from strategy to go-live


What to expect from Two to Tango:

  • Solid advice and specific steps on how to tackle your digital transformation project
  • Real-life examples from companies that succesfully connected their company
  • Useful information, downloads, checklists and more
  • A lot - no, really, a lot - of tango and dance related metaphors. 

Season 1

From ERP strategy to go-live, a step-by-step choreography


Up to 2 in 3 ERP projects fail or take longer than expected*. Want to be that 1 in 3? Then you’ll need two things: a solid preparation and a reliable, experienced partner. This series helps you find all that and more. Because after all: it takes Two to Tango!

*Source: Gartner, PanoramaConsulting, Technology Evaluation Center

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Chapter 1

ERP projects are challenging. Want to ensure yours goes according to plan? Set the tone by carefully determining your business objectives.

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Chapter 2

About 1 in 2 ERP projects fail. Why? Because people get stuck in features and function, losing the bigger picture. The solution? Think in business processes first, always..

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Chapter 3

A strong team is an absolute must to be fully equipped to make your ERP project a resounding success. But who do you need in your ERP squad?

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Chapter 4

First things first: when selecting a dance partner, you need to be sure they’ve got the moves. Same goes for your ERP partner!

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Chapter 5

ERP is more than an IT project – it’s a long-term strategy. Therefore, it requires careful consideration and a long-term plan. 

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Chapter 6

The ERP project may be over, but there's a new challenge: making everything run smoothly and evolve with business needs.

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