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Introduction to
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Discover how to run your entire services business, from prospects to payments

Today’s project-based services businesses operate in a highly competitive market, where winning new deals, accelerating project delivery, and increasing profit margins are significant challenges. Teams within these organizations often use disconnected systems for sales, project management, collaboration, and financials when success in this environment requires unifying teams around actionable data.

On October 1st 2020, Microsoft launched Dynamics 365 Project Operations which connects your sales, resourcing, project management, and finance teams within a single application to win more deals, accelerate delivery, empower employees, and maximize profitability.


  • Discover which processes the solution covers.
  • Get to know the various benefits of Dynamics 365 Project Operations.
  • We explain which types of organizations derive the most benefit from this solution. 

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