7 benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP


In your search for a new ERP system, there are numerous criteria to consider: reliability, ease of use, innovation, flexibility, and so on. Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines all that and more in one all-encompassing business application platform. Here are 7 reasons why we – and our customers – believe Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP is your best choice.

Reason #1: The future is AI - Microsoft 365 Copilot

Artificial intelligence is embedded in several Dynamics 365 apps, primarily to speed up repetitive tasks or automate simple processes. With the development of Microsoft 365 Copilot, AI is now an inherent part of the platform. From personal recommendations to problem solving: the opportunities are endless.


In addition to adding more and more AI capabilities, Microsoft is also further improving reporting and insights. Not only are dashboards becoming more sophisticated, they are also available directly in your ERP, so you no longer have to switch between applications to access them.

Reason #2: Business continuity, check

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, your business is here to stay. Not only does Dynamics sync with the full Office 365 suite, the platform is constantly being expanded with new features and guarantees that your business-critical processes will keep running at all times – no shutdowns or unexpected surprises. Plus, the numbers speak for themselves: Microsoft is the fastest growing solution on the market, with more people relying on it every year. You don’t want to miss that train, do you? Destination: future-proof business.

How CRC Industries futureproofed its business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations
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“But... what if my business changes over time?” Dynamics 365 evolves with it. Launching a new product? Sure. Entering a new market? Exciting. Acquiring a new entity? Sounds great. Easily adapt Dynamics to your new needs and ambitions, and reap the benefits of your flexible, agile ERP solution.


Reason #3: The integrated experience with Dynamics 365 ERP

There’s an app for virtually anything today. While many of these apps are useful in one way or another, it’s easy for employees to get overwhelmed and lose sight of the bigger picture. In fact, there’s no greater productivity killer than constantly having to switch between tabs and menus.


Dynamics 365 takes a different approach, integrating all your daily tools into a single platform. Now, you can easily create reports, send memos, chat with colleagues, access and modify data, etc. from your one and only central hub. Restore focus, and reap the rewards of your renewed productivity.


Reason #4: At your own pace

Trust us: you wouldn’t be the first to underestimate the change management involved in an ERP project. Dynamics 365 is a scalable solution for controlled, long-term business growth, allowing you to grow step by step and gradually implement new functionalities, increase the number of users, add new facilities, and so on. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is ready when you are.


CBS - Customer Overview Image - ValentinoValentino drives solid growth with modern ERP system
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Reason #5: Keep it simple

Learning to work with a new ERP system takes time. Microsoft goes to great lengths to deliver an excellent User Experience that encourages faster user adoption. With familiar icons, well-placed buttons, and logic throughout the platform, navigating Dynamics 365 will quickly feel like a walk in the ERP park.

Reason #6: One for all and all for one

The Microsoft community is growing year after year. In all those years, a lot of knowledge has been built up and made available to the community, for example through blogs, guides, and webinars. If at some point you want to become more independent of your implementation partner, there’s plenty of content available to train your own people and take partial or full ownership of your ERP solution.


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Reason #7: Designed for your industry

Microsoft Dynamics 365 out-of-the-box covers a multitude of scenarios. In some industries, however, companies are faced with one or several industry-specific processes that require a more sophisticated solution. In this case, it’s possible to implement a specialized solution on top of the Dynamics 365 platform, so you can still run your unique processes in full compliance with all regulatory requirements in your industry.


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