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Always compliant with Dynamics 365 for Pharma & Life Sciences 

Join experts from Microsoft, Cegeka, and Epista as they discuss how an ERP system can create even more business value and help Pharma & Life Sciences companies adapt to changing environments. 


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What does it take to ensure a fully compliant, flexible, and scalable ERP system?

Join us for a conversation with experts from Microsoft, Epista Life Science, & Cegeka on how you can ensure a fully compliant, flexible, and scalable ERP system with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

What will you learn in this webinar?

  • How Microsoft helps Pharma & Life Science companies create business value and continuously adapt to change.
  • How Cegeka’s validated solution and approach can expand the existing capabilities of Dynamics 365 to create even more business value for Pharma & Life Sciences companies
  • How well Microsoft can stack up to other ERP systems commonly used in the Pharma & Life Science industry
  • How Cegeka can actively decrease the risk that comes with implementing a solution by using the many configurable building blocks of Dynamics 365



In the past, Pharma & Life Sciences companies followed the common practice to implement on-premise ERP solutions. Yet, in recent years we often see those ERP systems turn out to be complicated to update, change, validate and, therefore, difficult to keep compliant.

With the rise of cloud ERP, the Pharma & Life Sciences industry now has access to a strong alternative based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 – a fully compliant system that is flexible, scalable and easily adaptable to your business needs.

Epista has seen many Microsoft ERP projects succeed and they frequently see success for Pharma & Life Sciences companies using Microsoft Dynamics 365. Together in this webinar, Epista, Cegeka, and Microsoft will look into these projects; why they succeed and how the Microsoft platform increases business value and reduces risk compared to its contenders.

CBS - Pharma Webinar Visual final

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