Increase your Power Platform impact with Governance & Adoption

With great power comes great responsibility. As with any new technology, and even if the use of it is very easy, such as for the Power Platform, users may require additional training and instructions to utilize the platform effectively and securely.

Adoption and governance are two sides of the same coin when it comes to implementing a new technology like the Power Platform.

Adoption refers to the process of facilitating users to get to know and utilize the platform, while governance refers to the policies and procedures that ensures the platform’s efficiency, and security and prevents that may introduce security risks or duplicate existing solutions.

Power Platform Governance

The goal of Cegeka’s Governance program is composing an overall governance and adoption approach and an operational, tactical and strategic setup. This program contains five workshops:

 1.  Intake current landscape with maturity assesment
 2.  Define topic details 1
 3.  Define topic details 2
 4.  Define Roadmap (and Adoption plan)
 5.  Center of Excellence & Monitoring
Low-code - governance program

During these workshops we will be defining and establishing governance best practices
and policies, such as:

  • Developing a comprehensive training plan and user adoption strategy for creating a self-sustaining community of Power Platform users and driving innovation and process improvement across the organization.

  • Mitigating security risks in Power Platform requires a comprehensive approach that includes implementing data loss prevention policies, establishing best practices for authentication, and defining security roles within Dataverse.

  • Defining and implementing best practices, facilitating training for developers and end-users, and setting up a framework to regularly conduct audits to identify and address issues before they become bigger problems.

  • Managing resource costs in Power Platform by monitoring usage to identify areas for improvement and efficiency, and managing roles and user’s rights to prevent unauthorized access to data and resources.
Cegeka 10 commandments overview image LP ebooks

A guide to success

The Ten Commandments of the Power Platform

Where to start? What to look out for?   Do's and don'ts? Discover our ten practical, advisory guidelines for a succesful Power Platform journey.

Power Platform Adoption

Upon successfully completing a governance program, you're prepared to elevate your efforts. Utilizing your customized Governance & Adoption Roadmap from Cegeka, along with an operational, tactical, and strategic setup, you can confidently initiate the adoption process throughout your organization.

  • The program starts with discovering the benefits and possibilities of the Power Platform, followed by taking small steps towards implementation.

  • As the team gains more knowledge and experience, they can begin to start building more complex and powerful solutions to leverage the full potential of the Power Platform.

  • Finally, the program emphasizes and promotes a community-based culture of continuous learning and improvement by encouraging the team to share their experiences and knowledge and setting up their own centre of excellence.

Why should you consider an Adoption & Governance program?

Some people within your organization are probably already using the Power Platform, so it’s better to set up proper adoption and governance processes to ensure that these individual efforts align with the organization's overall strategy and comply with regulatory and security requirements.

At Cegeka we believe that a Power Platform Adoption & Governance program’s success stands or falls by the involvement of the general management, program management, IT department's pro-developers and citizen developers.

In short everyone throughout the organization to make sure the adoption & governance program considers the needs of all users, aligns with business objectives, and meets technical requirements. So how do you get everyone involved?

  •  We begin by inspiring and empowering your organization’s management to champion and sponsor the initiative within your organization.
  •  Once a vision is established, together with program management and other designated stake holders, we start by setting up an approach that encompasses planning, design, and execution phases, with clear metrics and KPIs to measure progress and success.
  • And last but not least, the IT department's pro-developers and citizen developers will receive the necessary training, enabling them to educate and support the citizen developers and ensure they follow best practices and governance policies.

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