Techsplained: Remote Assist

Do you have technicians or experts flying around the world to offer support on location? That can be a costly and time-consuming affair. Enter Remote Assist: a revolutionary new technology that uses your smartphone or the Microsoft HoloLens to offer support from anywhere in the world through an immersive augmented or mixed reality experience.

Techsplained is an animated video series in which we dissect current and upcoming technologies and business solutions. Episode 2: Remote Assist.

Imagine you have a technician working on a machine. When things get complicated, he requires expert support, for instance from the machine manufacturer. Before Remote Assist, that expert would have to travel to that location. For some industries or companies that means travelling across the globe.


With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, the technician can call the expert and share his field of vision. So when he’s looking at the machine, the expert is looking at the machine. The expert can then give instructions, or even project things onto the screen. A rough drawing, highlighting a part on the machine, making annotations on the shared view, projecting images such as a technical sheet …


Collaborate from anywhere

There are two ways to use Remote Assist. The cheapest and easiest way is to simply use a smartphone and use Remote Assist through augmented reality (AR). The biggest drawback is that you can’t work handsfree.


The second way is through mixed reality (MR): the Microsoft HoloLens is a unique holographic device that offers ready-to-use applications for your business. A holographic device? With the HoloLens, you can stream what you’re seeing to anyone around the world. Through mixed reality, others can then add information onto your vision.


Who’s this for?

The Remote Assist offering completely integrates with Dynamics 365 Field Service which offers great value to your field workers. When they’re calling in an expert, all notes, screenshots and time registration will be automatically linked to the associated work order.

But Remote Assist can be valuable to many more industries. Think of manufacturing, engineering, construction or even healthcare, where the HoloLens could be used during an operation. Or Remote Assist can bridge the gap between online education for practical subject matters. Really any form of digital collaboration like offering expertise or coaching can benefit from Remote Assist.


Generate business value

The obvious advantage of Remote Assist is that your engineers and experts can reduce travelling costs and time, saving money by collaborating more efficiently. But within Field Service, the first-time fix rate of technicians will go up, which can consequently increase the uptime of the machines. This in turn will deliver a greater return in your investments in the machine park. And, let’s be honest, your employees will love working with a cool new gadget.


Once you’ve purchased the Microsoft HoloLens, a lot of new features become readily available. How about Microsoft 365 Guides, where you can implement complete step-by-step guides for a machine or task. With the rise of remote working and the increasing complexity of machines, Remote Assist ushers in a new age of digital collaboration.


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