Microsoft Dynamics 365: market-leading business technology for a reason

User friendly, cost efficient and scalable on the go. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the go-to business platform if you seek to reinforce, simplify and connect every aspect of your organization. Discover how this suite of cloud-based applications accelerates business success. Cegeka will guide you at every step of the way.


Why choose Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Drive innovation with the #1 business platform

  • boost productivity and get immediate results
  • get useful insights from internal data
  • respond to your customers’ needs with precision
  • adapt and innovate smoothly
  • collaborate closely with your team

Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps are the most powerful tools on the market to flexibly manage and automate your business processes. Fueled by in-depth data analytics and machine learning, they enable you to turn challenges into opportunities.


Dynamics 365

Finance & Operations

Automate financial operations, make data-driven decisions and increase supply chain productivity. Discover how this ERP solution enables medium and large-sized companies to modernize and grow.

Dynamics 365

Business Central

Connect your operations, finance, sales and customer service teams in the cloud to comprehensively optimize your processes. Discover how this ERP solution benefits small to medium-sized companies.

Dynamics 365

Customer Engagement

Assist your customers better than ever before, deepen relationships and offer personalized customer experiences. Discover how this CRM solution drives sales and marketing productivity and streamlines customer service.

Dynamics 365

Human Resources

Treat your employees like VIPs by optimizing the employee lifecycle and empowering them with self-service HR tools. Discover how this HRM solution fosters a connected workplace, simplifies HR processes and gives new talent a flying start.

Dynamics 365

Project Operations

Increase profitability by accelerating project delivery, optimizing resource utilization and improving contract management. Discover how this solution helps you lead a successful project-centric business.

Dynamics 365

Field Service

Deliver exceptional onsite customer experiences, optimize scheduling and increase technician productivity. Discover how this solution ensures consistent operations and facilitates proactive services.

Supported by Microsoft Power Platform to meet your unique requirements

Build end-to-end business applications that tackle all of your challenges using an intuitive interface. No complex code needed, ready to use on every device.

How can we help you?

All your Microsoft Dynamics 365 needs under one roof.

Bring your operations, people and data together with the business application that best fits your goals and industry. We’ll help you adapt and innovate – Microsoft Dynamics 365 does the rest. No-nonsense advice, frictionless implementation, lifelong optimization.


Application implementation

New to Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Boost efficiency with the best business applications, purpose-built for your needs and business processes.

Frictionless, low-risk implementation at every stage.

Application modernization

Working with a previous version?

Increase agility by moving your current enterprise software to future-proof solutions in the cloud.

Migrations & upgrades driven by clear business results.

24/7 support & optimization

Looking for peace of mind?

Focus on your core business by leaving application management to us. We closely maintain, monitor and optimize.

Improvements & 24/7 support to stay ahead of the game.

A solution that works and yields results, that’s what we aim for - your team and ours, working hand in hand. Together we get the job done.

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