Getting the digital workplace right

A no-nonsense guide for decision makers

Digital Workplace Guide Digital Workplace Guide

What You Will Get from this Guide 

This working guide is by no means a complete primer on how to select and/or implement a new digital workplace. It is actually trying to be useful in a more hands-on way: help decision makers and their teams and colleagues (in IT, HR, Communication and so on) tackle a number of hurdles on the road towards a solution. A solution that is the right fit for your organization, and that users embrace. 

These are the topics we discuss in this guide: 

  • Building the case: Insider tips & tactics that help you secure C-suite buy-in 
  • Legacy migration: Often overlooked non-technical risks you need to factor in from the start
  • Cost: What you need to know when comparing offers from different vendors
  • User adoption: The fail whale of digital workplace projects

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