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Healthcare today is complicated – not just for patients, but for hospitals, doctors, administrators and facilities. Cegeka’s digital solutions optimize a range of care processes to help facilities move from a curative to a preventative approach. Less paperwork, more care.

Benefit from digital care solutions with Cegeka

The right people, the right experience

We’re not just IT people here at Cegeka; we’re healthcare professionals with over 20 years of experience in healthcare software development, application management and infrastructure outsourcing.

Safe solutions, broad expertise

Understanding that data security and privacy are main concerns in healthcare, Cegeka provides you with high-security and cost-effective solutions. Our core expertise is in integration of all care processes, for the smoothest interface between your systems.

Innovation & collaboration

Cegeka is the ideal partner for digital innovation in healthcare applications. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to make sure our solution exceeds expectations and fits your needs precisely — no matter your application, field or industry.


Nexuzhealth was founded in December 2016 as a joint venture between UZ Leuven and Cegeka. The partnership is based on the existing Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system. Thanks to the KWS EPR software, nexuzhealth guarantees both the further development and optimalisation of the solution as its implementation in all the associated hospitals.

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More benefits ...

Time saving

No more waiting for patients' paper records to be faxed/scanned.

Increased case coordination

Patient data is legible, clear and accessible to all authorized providers

Reduced risk

Miscommunication that could lead to malpractice lawsuits are curbed.

More efficiency

Patients wouldn't fill out medical history paperwork more than once.

Less unnecessary testing

Redundant testing and inapplicable procedures are better avoided.

Better research

Data for public health monitoring and reporting is more available.

Viollier chooses for quality thanks to CorLabs

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Supporting all lab disciplines, CorLabs automates processes from the pre- to post-analytical phases.


Cegeka’s specialized C-eHealth applications ensure efficient planning of tasks for hospital staff.


C-Meal, tailored to healthcare institutions, enables a time savings of 25%, better meal planning and less waste.


A powerful software package for physicians, C-Specialist automates medical clerical work for 30 specialties.


Using Pro_Doc, GPs can fully and intuitively manage their patient records and receive telematics-premium NIHDI.


SP-Expert is the leading application for workforce management and staff.


Hospitals work with Cegeka's healthcare products


Healthcare labs and institutions rely on Cegeka


Cegeka's C-meal solutions manages 60.000 meals in 36 hospitals every day


Experts using Cegeka's C-meal report 25% time savings resulting from the solution

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