• Digital Strategies
    A pragmatic IT roadmap based on three components guaranteeing your digital relevancy:
    • Business
    • Technology
    • Customers/users

    Our approach
    • Result-driven workshops
    • Customer/user research
    • Prototyping
    • Design thinking methods
    • High level architecture and plan

    • Deeper customer/user understanding
    • Assessing and de-hyping technology
    • Business growth and security
  • Software Services
    Cloud native development based on reusable components delivered from our high-quality agile software factory.

    Our approach
    • Business analysis
    • Development (including low code)
    • Testing and evaluation
    • Continuous release

    • Future-proof development
    • Cost efficiency
    • Reliability and predictability
    • Business-oriented
    • Speed to market
  • Business Intelligence
    • Cloud-based business intelligence
    • Big data processing
    • Artificial intelligence development
    • Machine learning platforms
    • Data lakes/Data warehouses

    Our approach
    • Data intelligence analysis
    • Proof of value
    • Pilot
    • Project waves
    • Support and improve

    • Gain better insights into the management and financial status of your organization through dashboards and reports
    • Simplify data management and data storage
    • Boost the marketing department with lead scoring algorithms, customer segmentation, etc.
    • Analyze your processes and optimize them based on objective data insight
  • Digital Workplace
    • Business applications and insights
    • Communication and collaboration platforms
    • Personalized experience
    • Security services
    • Infra and enabling technologies (multi-cloud)

    Our approach
    • Proven methodology for implementing workplaces
    • Design, build, POC, pilot, roll-out, manage and user adoption

    • “Always up-to-date” on all workplace domains (functionality, applications, device & security)
    • User-centric philosophy with proactive user adoption approach
    • Increase productivity and focus on core tasks through smarter tools and automated processes
  • Application Modernization
    • Container platform: Managed platform to support containers in a controlled environment
    • Integration platform: API gateway/Enterprise service bus
    • DevOps: Cloud native app development/Application transformation

    Our approach
    Discover, determine, migrate, go-live using the 6 R approach:
    • Re-host
    • Re-platform
    • Re-purchase
    • Re-factor
    • Re-tain
    • Re-tire

    • Future-proof application landscape with integration of legacy
    • Focus on functional rather than technical integration
    • More agile IT processes (continuous integration/continuous delivery)
    • Scalability and cloud portability
  • Edge Computing
    • Platform functionality in one single box, single management pane
    • Software defined (networks, datacenters, storage)
    • Certified solutions – A-brands
    • Extension of datacenter functionalities

    Our approach
    Seamless approach from design to implementation and 24/7 management and support

    • More efficient on-premise infrastructure with a small datacenter footprint
    • Single/integrated management pane – increased speed, decreased errors
    • Local processing of large data sets to increase speed and reduce bandwidth
  • Cloud Computing
    • Orchestration of workloads maximizing benefits of a multi-cloud landscape
    • From cloud assessments over optimal usage of different cloud resources to operational management of different cloud models

    Our approach
    • Identification, transformation and management of multi-cloud environment
    • We evaluate your core, Shoot for the Stars, Retain your legacy and move on commodity
    • Cegeka is your cloud consultant, integrator, coordinator, broker, innovator

    • Leverage the right and relevant cloud functionalities
    • Life cycle management of a dynamic cloud solution portfolio
    • Cloud governance to control cost, security and compliancy
  • Cyber Security
    • Offering an integrated set of services to prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats, helping your business to focus on what matters
    • Providing insight and control over who has access to your data and applications

    Our approach
    • Business-oriented: start with why
    • In close cooperation and pragmatic
    • Sustainable (people, process and technology)
    • Leveraging partnerships
    • Supported by market best practices and standards
    • Integration focus
    • Zero trust principle

    • Lets you focus on core business activities
    • Facilitates a carefree and agile cooperation within your business and with your business partners
    • Cost effectiveness (meeting objectives) and cost efficiency (ROI)