European ICT company Cegeka has launched their new Security Observability Dashboard. This centralised digital platform provides a comprehensive overview of all the security activities that companies should have in hand to raise their cyber resilience level in 2023. The Cegeka Security Observability Dashboard is part of the customer engagement platform Horizon. This is a ‘single pane of glass’ in a state-of-the-art dashboard, with an overview of all the key indicators needed to manage a company’s IT and cloud services.

‘Today, organisations need continuous and centralised steering information to increase their cyber resilience. The Security Observability Dashboard provides the ideal security matrix enabling us to digitally inform and advise our customers to take sophisticated cyber security actions as quickly as possible,’ says Fabrice Wynants, Global Director Cyber Security at Cegeka. ‘It gives customers a central and clear overview with information on security vulnerabilities, compliance-related information, real-time incident information, incident response actions, customer-focused security advice and more,’ Wynants explains.

The Security Dashboard is a digital extension of C-SOR²C services

The Security Observability Dashboard in Horizon provides digital access to Cegeka’s C-SOR²C services. ‘This is Cegeka’s managed detection and response service, based on the “response-oriented” modern SOC, where the “R” stands for “response”, but also for “recovery”. Whereas cyber security is mainly a technical discussion, cyber resilience is about business impact and providing insights to increase the cyber resilience of companies. Our vision is to shift that debate,’ Frank Voskeuil, divisional director Security Cegeka Netherlands explains.

Horizon gives businesses full IT observability

The Security Observability Dashboard is part of Cegeka’s customer engagement platform, Horizon. This powerful platform can be fully integrated into customers’ business processes: Cegeka’s answer to the need for observability. ‘The goal is to simplify and streamline customer experiences, provide greater observability of IT processes and enable customers to solve complex challenges and remain permanently at the wheel of their digital transformation,’ says Cegeka CEO Stijn Bijnens.

Horizon simplifies the monitoring, management and delivery of cloud services and solutions, and more. It offers an overview of a company’s entire IT environment, and increases the observability of each IT service individually. In other words, it provides advanced control, a clear overview and, above all, greater insights into the performance of key IT processes.

Anywhere and any time

Cegeka’s state-of-the-art engagement platform is available ‘anywhere and any time’. In a revamped mobile application, customers can track the performance, status and quality of their services. Based on this information, businesses can see whether their processes need to be adjusted or not and decisions can be made based on the most relevant information, ‘anywhere and any time’.