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Application Modernization

Maximizing the business value of your IT landscape

Is your IT landscape agile and powerful enough to support your business in today’s rapidly changing environment? By converting legacy applications into a modern IT landscape, you will save costs and boost agility, performance, and security.

Why modernize your applications?

Accelerate your digital transformation

Digital transformation is no longer a priority, it is a must. Modernize existing legacy systems and applications to keep up with the pace of digitization and meet the needs of the business fast.

Build agility and speed

Embrace a robust yet flexible and scalable IT landscape to innovate and scale faster, respond more quickly to changes and prepare for an unpredictable tomorrow.

Save costs and boost efficiency

Minimize the time and money needed to invest and maintain your IT systems. Avoid the management of expensive legacy IT infrastructure.

Increase security and compliance

Managing operational and data security risks, ensuring regulatory compliance and aligning IT with corporate strategy: mitigating risk requires application modernization.

6R application modernization approach


Eliminate the application, as it has reached end of life.


Keep the application as it is.


Replace the application with a new one, taking new requirements and needs into account.


Migrate the application to another cloud environment without changing the code.


Restructure and optimize the existing code without changing its behavior to improve the component’s features and structure, often using cloud-native development with microservices.


Move the application to a new platform. Adapting it to the new platform without changing the code structure or its features and functions, often using containerization in the public or Cegeka Cloud.

Start with the 6R assessment

Cegeka’s 6R assessment is the starting point for defining a digital strategy, delivering an actionable IT roadmap and a high-level application overview, focusing on some potential quick wins.

Our 6R assessment contains 4 main steps

Business & IT
strategy mapping

We look at your business and IT strategy, using our “IT strategy on a page” template.


We inventory your applications and plot them against your processes, resulting in a gap analysis.


We list your infrastructure and focus on best practices and possibilities, identifying the appropriate landing zones.


We summarize our findings in a one-page roadmap that determines your priorities.

We make modernization work

Cegeka offers a broad range of services so we are able to manage and optimize both your applications and infrastructure projects in an integrated way. Our expertise in Hybrid Cloud, Integration Services, Application Development and Data Solutions allows us to tackle your challenges in a holistic way. Cegeka supports you throughout your entire application modernization journey.

Hybrid Cloud

Cegeka is your guide to a hybrid cloud future. We help you navigate the cloud landscape and uncover what’s beyond – so that you can unlock the true potential of cloud capabilities.

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Application Development

Cegeka has the expertise to successfully complete the most complex applications development projects – to help you future-proof your organization.

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Integration Services

Our experts help you connect applications across your organization and between cloud and on-premise deployment models. Cegeka’s Integration Services bridge the gap between your applications, partners and customers.

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Data Solutions

Without data, there is no digital transformation.
But data in itself is useless.
Only companies who use it well can transform their business and become truly data-driven.

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Application Management Services

The digital era demands a new strategic approach to application management services. Companies need to accelerate digitization to stay relevant and to refocus on their core business and strategy. Our approach to application management services satisfies expectations for continuity, adaptability, resources and the efficient run of your applications.

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Face the challenges of an uncertain world with composable applications

Change is becoming the only constant, with unpredictable events disrupting your business. Learn how composable applications help you tackle your challenges.

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Deployment at the speed of business

At Cegeka, we are fully equipped to address any containerization need you may have

Why Cegeka?

Pragmatic consultancy – proven capability

Successful legacy application modernization projects require business insights as well as technical knowhow. We combine both. On top of that, we are pragmatic and focus on results and delivery in both the short and long term.

We provide end-to-end-services

Our 6R assessment is just the first step in your journey toward application modernization. Cegeka can also help you build and run your modernized IT landscape.

We offer end-to-end solutions

As we manage and optimize both your applications and infrastructure projects in an integrated way. We have a comprehensive overview of needs and requirements and can offer expertise on crucial aspects like security.

Unlocking the true potential of cloud

Cegeka has a strong partnership with key public cloud vendors and has its own Cegeka Cloud. That means we are not tied to a specific cloud platform or service and can choose the solutions that best meet your needs.

We have a proven track record in many industries

Our customers are active in diverse industries and will confirm that our methodology, experience and expertise lead to successful results.

We work in close cooperation

As a family-owned, no-nonsense company, we work in close collaboration with your team throughout the entire assessment process.

Successfull projects

Embark upon your application modernization journey

Get in touch and discover how we can help you

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    Kim Rymenants
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