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Cegeka Cloud

Cegeka datacenters at the heart

Cegeka has its own high-availability datacenters where we operate private and community cloud services. This allows us to support legacy infrastructure and applications, unleashing the real potential of hybrid architectures.

Sovereign Cloud

Sovereign cloud

Make sure your cloud data storage is compliant with local and government regulations

The Cegeka Cloud data centres are located in Belgium and The Netherlands. As a result, the storage of 'sensitive' data in the cloud is fully compliant with local regulations, such as the European GDPR regulations on personal data. This means our datacentres offer a significant advantage over public cloud providers focused on compliance with US or Chinese legislation, for example.

Business continuity with legacy systems

Business continuity with legacy systems

Make sure your legacy systems keep running while keeping costs low

The implementation of legacy systems in the public cloud is often too expensive or simply not possible. This is particularly true with environments that depend on specific Unix implementations or on alternative computer architectures (mini or mainframe) such as the Sun, HPE, IBM Unix and IBM Power platform environments. In the Cegeka Cloud, these systems can run alongside each other, in the same data centre and in the same network or VLAN. This prevents high latency and high network costs.

Avoid vendor lock-in

Avoid vendor lock-in

Committed to no data-out costs

Cegeka believes in working in close cooperation with its customers. This also means respecting the needs and wishes of customers if they want to exit the Cloud. Cegeka is committed to avoiding vendor lock-in for their customers. That is why we do not charge any data-out costs for the Cegeka Cloud.

In Close Cooperation

In close cooperation

Our local presence makes us easy to reach

Cegeka's local presence ensures easy accessibility, enabling us to always find a suitable solution for your specific needs. We believe in cooperation based on empathy and commitment. Cegeka offers close guidance during the entire process: from defining the scope to offering customer support.

Private and community cloud services

High availability

Data centers based in Belgium and The Netherlands

Security optimized

24/7 support

A perfect fit for your Hybrid Cloud model

Many companies opt for the hybrid cloud or even multi-cloud model by using a mixture of on-premise, public and private cloud locations. With a Hybrid Cloud model, you can develop, implement and manage workloads across all your cloud environments, including the Cegeka Cloud. As a trusted cloud orchestrator, we ensure that all your applications, infrastructure and people work together efficiently.


Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

The Cegeka Cloud enables system administrators and DevSecOps developers to deploy and manage server capacity, storage or operating systems via cloud infrastructure.

Container & Database Platform (PaaS)

With our PaaS capabilities, developers can further build and test cloud applications. Thanks to containerization, customers can expect more flexibility than with traditional infrastructure, supporting and enhancing agile development methodologies.


Cloud operations

Managed services

Do you lack the required in-house expertise to manage your cloud? Looking to outsource your IT to save costs? Besides delivering the necessary infrastructure, we can also provide managed services for maintaining and optimizing your cloud operations. We can fully manage databases, web servers, application servers, containers, etc., freeing you up to focus on your business plan.

Horizon: customer engagement portal

Horizon is a multi-cloud platform which gives customers a single, user-friendly entry point to services and products in the public cloud and the Cegeka Cloud. It also offers visibility into your security posture by providing a 'single pane of glass' unifying all data and interfaces.


IBM Power

Cegeka is able to implement Power9 in combination with Power Enterprise Pools and Cloud Management Console in your projects. Our Power Cloud Team consists of a group of 30 experienced IBM members with extensive knowledge of different technologies and operating systems like Linux distribution, IBM AIX or IBM i.

Cegeka Awarded by IBM

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Cegeka provides solutions for applications and databases using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). We offer transparent interconnection, transferring and managing workloads with OCI or in any hybrid alternative. Our OCI support team consists of seasoned engineers and OCI-certified architects to guide you through your cloud transition journey.

Cegeka partner page on Oracle website

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IBM Platinum Business Partner
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