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Digital Workplace

From strategy to engaging work experience

Our digital workplace empowers your employees to exploit technology to its fullest, creating a digital culture which drives efficiency.

Our offering

Personalized Central Portal

Personalized Central Portal

Workplaces need to provide access to information and applications via a uniform, familiar and user-friendly interface that can be customized by the user.

Communication & Collaboration

Communication & Collaboration

Our digital workplace offers a multitude of methods of communication, providing services such as instant messaging, voice communications, newsfeeds, chat-based interaction, social groupware and – of course – mail.

Application Accessibility

Application Accessibility

By providing a single landing page, which consists of a central application launch portal where all applications come together, integrated with the collaboration platform and facilitated by a single sign-on experience, we both improve the experience and increase productivity.


Flexible infrastructure and technologies

Effectively controlling what end users are allowed to do requires management of the infrastructure layer in combination with a standardized set of devices and software. One of the new, critical functions for the managed workplace, driven by an increased risk of security challenges, is to make sure all users and devices are always updated to the latest versions.


Secure access, single-sign on & back-up

We secure identity first as this is a key element of the entire solution. Then we focus on securing the physical device. Company data is protected in numerous ways. Both in transit and in situ, you can be confident that the data will remain safe and will only be accessible to approved identities. The final aspect that we control is the application, which is secured by protection policies which we always keep up to date.

User adoption & Change Management

User Adoption & Change Management

Optimal and effective use of the new solution is the key to success. If the employees do not use the new solution, do not use it effectively, or they do not adopt it, then the investment has been wasted. That is why it is important to prepare employees carefully for the planned change.

Unlock the full potential of your digital workplace investments by engaging employees through a three-step approach:

  1. Motivate & Inspire
  2. Explain & Train
  3. Support & Improve

Why Cegeka?

In close cooperation

Our aim is to help you grow and improve your business. We believe in cooperation based on empathy and commitment. Cegeka ensures close guidance during the entire process: from defining the scope to offering customer support.

End-to-end offering

Cegeka offers an all-in-one package from consulting to governance, development and hosting to security and maintenance. Our solutions are modular, which allows us to provide a customized service to our clients.


User adoption is the key to a successful new workplace. Cegeka consultants help your employees with training and onboarding. We have a proven process of onboarding and seamlessly transforming your existing applications.

Pragmatic innovation

We harness the combined power of all technologies to ensure digital relevance in future-proof working environments. Our aim is always to maximize business impact; in order to do so we often have to bridge the gap between industrialization and innovation.

What our clients say

UW optimises cooperation with digital work environment

Outdated systems and applications, proliferation of documents and an in-house IT department that no longer met today’s requirements. For UW, a sheltered employment facility based in Utrecht, a transition to a digital working environment was needed

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