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Digital workplace

The biggest advantage of an efficient digital workplace? It boosts collaboration, communication and information management across your organization. With Microsoft Office 365 as the foundation, cloud-based tools enable all employees to operate within the same digital environment, thus empowering them to work closer together, more effectively than ever.

Need help transforming your office into a digital workplace?

Digital workplace challenges

Shadow IT

Different communication apps are omnipresent in the work environment, making the organizational IT ecosystem much harder to secure and manage.

Ensuring cloud security

When transitioning to cloud solutions, new security risks need to be considered. How do you deal with sensitive information in the cloud, or employees leaving the company?

Data centralization

With different tools and apps, data tends to be spread and siloed across your apps and managed and unmanaged platforms. A centralized portal requires uniform data and clean data streams.

Integration of external tools

Working with dedicated tools for specific business processes, such as CRM and ERP systems? Your platform needs to ensure seamless integration with these applications.

Discover our My Teamwork solution package

Create a fully integrated, cloud-based communication platform with solutions based on Microsoft Office 365 – from voice, mail and chat – to improve teamwork, cooperation, communication and workflows.

Modular formula

Select the right formula to suit your specific needs or combine solutions for a powerful end-to-end approach that offers scalability and flexibility. As requirements evolve, you can flexibly add or change modules and functionalities.

User adoption

End users must become familiar with the new platform to avoid shadow IT and effectively use the new tools. User adoption requires a personal approach that suits your organization and employees. Identify the target audience, customize your approach and pace, and define goals and timings with clear communication.

Plan, build, run

We never just deliver software. Our priority is to understand your business and offer the best solution to suit your needs. Our approach is based on an intake during which we identify your business needs, after which we propose the right approach before implementing.

Why Cegeka?

Proven track record

Our blueprint plan-build-run approach has been proven to facilitate successful transformation. With over 35 happy customers, our approach is backed by strong success stories.

In close cooperation

Local and personal contact is our MO. We work in close cooperation, which means we treat our clients with engagement, empathy, up-to-date knowledge and efficiency.

Focus on the end user

Our experts have up-to-date knowledge and work closely with your team. We understand your business needs and put the end user front and center, always striving for the ultimate user experience.

Digital workplace expertise

Our 250 dedicated digital workplace experts have deep knowledge and expertise with multiple applications. Cegeka was named the number 1 IT solutions provider in the Netherlands in 2020.

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  • Bart Swerts - Cegeka

    Bart Swerts
    Product Manager Digital Workplace