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Connected companies are always up to any challenge – harnessing the power of data to optimize operations, engage with customers and empower employees. But how and where to start this journey? Here at Cegeka we’re keen to share our knowledge, let you in on best (and worst) practices, and showcase some amazing yet quite feasible innovations. Join us in our mission to propel businesses into tomorrow!

Use case: Automate visitor registration with Microsoft Power Platform

The way in which you accommodate visitors is your company’s calling card. How can you provide...
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Techsplained: Power Virtual Agents

What is Power Virtual Agents? In short, Power Virtual Agents is an easy-to-design chatbot. It’s a...
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Use case: Update your online product catalog with Microsoft Power Platform

To ensure that buyers can make informed decisions, it is essential to regularly update your online...
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Use case: Automatically answer HR FAQs with Microsoft Power Virtual Agents

With its extensive set of duties, HR is oftentimes one of the busiest departments in an...
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Use case: How to automate company car approval with Microsoft Power Platform

Over the years, many organizations have established an internal fleet department to manage their...
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Use case: How to digitize your equipment lending service with Microsoft Power Apps

When running an equipment lending service within your company, efficiency is key. One of our...
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Use case: How to automate your audit workflows with Microsoft Power Platform

Documentation and communication are the key drivers of any audit process. If either is not running...
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